Warrior Skreamer K-Lite FG Soccer Cleats - Black with Spicy Orange
Like most of the product markets in the world, the main scene is dominated by two or three major corporations and everyone else is feeding off of the scraps and crumbs that fall from the bigger companies. However, Warrior Sports decided that they would attempt to change the game by trying to directly challenge some of the bigger companies and it seems that they are having some success. In the kit world, they have already swiped the kit deals for major teams and there are rumors that they will continue to try and get large kit sponsorships. Their boot aspirations are no different and they have already released some very high quality products and their stable of sponsored players is already larger and more high-profile than some companies that have been in the game for years.

The Look – the Warrior K-Lite will be enjoyed by almost any boot nerd or any recreational collector around. A blackout boot always gets a high approval rating from the masses and tribal symbols that have been ingrained onto the upper (but can only be seen when given a closer inspection) will also appeal to those that prefer a slightly different look. The spicy orange Warrior symbol on the outside of the boot looks great and it helps provide a great accent color to the boot. The tongue and heel also have some slight orange accents, but it all works together to create one of the classiest boots that we have seen in a long time.


The Touch – If you went out and asked 100 soccer players which type of upper is the highest quality, 95 would respond very quickly by saying “kangaroo leather.” The lacing system and kangaroo leather upper on the K-Lite make it one of the best boots for someone that enjoys having a supreme feel for the ball. The leather stretches across the entirety of the upper that will be used for ball movement, and the quality is evident from the first wear. The padding in the tongue also helps for a great feeling when you catch that first-time volley or when you try and power through a free-kick. If any company’s first release comes even close to the touch provided by Warrior’s first outing, then I’d be amazed.

The Feel – Warrior has added two features to the boot that are significantly different to other boots on the market and these features drastically change how this boot feels. The lacing system runs farther down into the toe-box than other boots and that provides a much snugger fit in the toe box and the fit is greatly improved by this inclusion. Although I would suggest breaking it in over a few practices before wearing it into a game, the kangaroo leather does start to soften up pretty quickly. Also, the second added feature, the murder holes help you to be able to adjust the heel of the boot much easier. Although it did help with this, my pair rubbed a blister right where the holes are featured and I had to make sure I had socks with a padded heel when testing these boots.

The Verdict – I typically avoid first releases from companies and I allow them to improve the product for a few incarnations before I jump in with both feet. However, Warrior has come out with an extremely high quality boot on their first go! The additions that they have made are inspired and the materials they used are a recipe for high quality products. Considering that their price point sits much lower than other top-tier boots on the market, Warrior are definitely attempting to become immediately competitive. I would definitely say that these are great boots but I am actually more excited about what a few years of experience will produce from the American company. Big time kudos to Warrior and a great first-outing!

By: Andrew McCole, writer, SoccerProse.com

3.5 / 5 stars     

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