Ladies and gentlemen, get yourselves sat down and strapped in, because things are about to blast off in the boot world. We are one month (yes, one month) away from the World Cup, and while Nike revealed their hand rather early, expect a massive week or two with big releases along the way from adidas and Puma. But the boot world is not all about the big boys, and while Umbro pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the UX-1, Warrior Sports have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes by dropping the all new Warrior Sports Skreamer II. Check out what Warrior have introduced to their first update to the Skreamer.

Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Boot 1

The Skreamer was Warrior Sports’ first foray into the boot world, and they actually released a rather impressive boot. It was comfortable, and it felt brilliant to put your foot through the ball and absolutely leathering it towards goal. But the Arrowhead vamp ultimately created a catch-22 situation. While controlling the ball was nice, there is a lot going on between your foot and the ball. So you constantly have this unnatural, almost chunky feel for the ball. So when I turn my head towards the Skreamer, I look at it and think ‘hey, I think they have actually tried to tailor the boot to my experiences with the boot!’

Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Boot 1 (2)

Well, Warrior never did come to me to ask my thoughts on the Skreamer, but the second generation seems to pick up on the shortcomings of its predecessor, whilst also retaining that instantly recognisable look of the Skreamer range. This time around, the Arrowhead vamp takes on a shared role with the new, softer S-Lite upper. This does pick up on what I thought let the original Skreamer down a little, the boot (in theory) still has the Arrowhead vamp for superb kicking, but the S-Lite upper means the feel for the ball is better. Makes sense hey?

Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Boot 1 (3)

Comfort has also been maximised with what Warrior are calling the Skreamfree stitchless internal construction and DeepLace configuration. Meanwhile, the 4D Arrowbed Insole stimulates blood circulation (have not heard many boots say they do that!). Warrior have also retained the iconic Murderhole cutouts, so it is easy to adjust your boots on the go. Support and protection are also maximised by the Heelshield and Thorax Exo-Skeleton.

Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Boot 1 (6)

This will sound strange, but seeing the evolution between the two Skreamer generations kinda reminds me of when the adidas Nitrocharge was released. The Predator LZ featured the Hybridtouch upper which was blanketed by the five Lethal Zones, so we did not really know too much about the material itself. Then the Nitrocharge showed off Hybridtouch, and boy did it sparkle and impress. I feel this is similar to the new Skreamer, the Arrowhead vamp on the previous Skreamer meant we could not really experience the S-Lite upper, but the new generation sees a bigger role for S-Lite in a slimmer, lighter package. In all, it is a boot we certainly cannot wait for!

Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Boot 1 (5)

What are your thoughts on the Warrior Sports Skreamer II? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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