Soccer balls come in a variety of sizes, as explained by this handy soccer ball sizing chart from But what size is right for your game? Basically, you want to make sure the ball is the correct proportion to the player’s foot. This ensures a consistent feel as the player grows, helps build solid fundamentals, especially when ball-handling and striking, and generally makes the game more fun. Here’s a rundown from our expert team on the different ball sizes, and the ages that usually use them.

Game Ball Sizes

Soccer ball sizes 3-5 are for game balls. Which size you use depends on the age group of your league. If you’re in an adult league, you’re definitely using a size 5 soccer ball. If you’re shopping for your kids, you may find that they use a smaller ball.


  • Size 5: 12 years to adult, with a circumference of 27” – 28”
  • Size 4: 9-12 years old, circumference of 25” – 26”
  • Size 3: 8 years and younger, circumference of 23” – 24”


Official FIFA® balls (and subsequently all pro league balls) are always size 5.

Collectible Sizes

But what about size 1 and 2? Soccer balls in this size do exist. Often called “mini” balls, they’re great for collecting, since they take up a small amount of space, and for general fun. Size 1 has an 18″ – 20″ circumference and size 2 balls are slightly bigger. Some players like to practice skills with these small balls, but most coaches now agree that it’s better to practice seriously with the real deal.

Find the Right Ball for You

Whether you’re looking for a souvenir, purchasing a ball that meets your kid’s youth league standards, or bringing home an adult size ball, you’ll find has a large selection to choose from. Browse a collection of soccer balls, including elite soccer ball designs from Nike®.