Under Armour Website

Under Armour is a fairly new American soccer shoe company offering a vast range of clothing, footwear, and accessories.  According to their website:

“Our mission is clear: MAKE ALL ATHLETES BETTER. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your gear, return it for a full refund. Anytime. Any Reason. Guaranteed.”

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Even though they state in ALL CAPS that they are focused on ALL ATHLETES, they seem to be a little more focused on sports besides soccer.

Of the options of cleats they currently offer, 3 cleats are for soccer compared to the 33 for american football and their shoe filter even hides soccer footwear by default, requiring you to see all sports.  Maybe this is because soccer is a more recent endeavor from Under Armour and they just haven’t built up enough models to offer a wide selection or maybe it just reflects the current popularity of soccer within the United States compared to football. But if this is the case, Under Armour needs to rethink its position on this as soccer continues to be the fastest growing sport in the country.

Under Armour Soccer Shoes Selection

Under Armour is definitely a welcome competitor among soccer shoes, but their future within the market will be determined by time. Reviews seem to be fairly positive among the shoes but sales and boot spots are still very small. I do love my Under Armour products, so I personally hope they continue to work on their development of soccer shoes and sponsorships within the sport.