One of the most renowned brands in the game of soccer is most definitely adidas. Their rich bed of athletes range from greats like David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane to modern greats like Lionel Messi and Mo Salah. This classic brand isn’t one to stick to the classics. Constantly reengineering soccer cleats, adidas is home to silos built for the pros. Don’t know the difference between the silos? Don’t worry you’re about to learn!


The start of soccer’s cleat innovation truly began with this cleat from adidas. The Predator, while only coming to fruition just 28 years ago, has been one of the most innovative cleats on the market. Redefining the traditional upper and stud pattern the Predator is one you will definitely want to get to know. 


Built with some of the most modern technology in the world this is certainly the most innovative cleat on the market. The latest from adidas features innovation in the Zone Skin upper. Zone skin has been designed with discrete and expertly placed ribbed sections on the upper. These four distinct sections offer more grip and preparation for different types of ball contact. 

This boot was designed with a newly redesigned Power Facet in the forefoot. The Power Facet is a revolution in control and power. It’s designed with a weighted forefront piece that is meant to redistribute your weight toward the front of the shoe. The purpose is to optimize power transfer when striking the ball, offering you the most powerful strike to date. 

Looking to make dynamic athletes, a newly designed Facetframe can be seen on the cleat. The development of the Facetframe outsole comes at a much needed time. Stemming from the best players’ desire for a more stable cleat, the Facetframe outsole was designed for just that. Offering stability and traction gives players more powerful movement on the field, which is the goal of this boot from the future.

If you are looking for a cleat that has laceless and laced options, the Predator is definitely the cleat for you. Featuring a Primeknit upper, both options are completely possible and allow you to constantly stay locked into the game. This cleat also features a two piece Primeknit Collar for easy access but all the stability you need during even the toughest matches. 

The technology in this cleat is built for the greatest and most innovative players, specifically the modern midfielder. Players like French superstar Paul Pogba have cemented their greatness in the Predator. Crafty midfielders looking for stability and control, this is definitely the cleat for you. 

Available Models.

If you are looking for the most up-to-date Predator, the Predator Edge is the latest in the modern silo. The newly released edge features a number of colorways and unique packs so you can get the technology and the look you desire. 



A simple name with endless opportunities, the adidas X is the most recent cleat silo from the brand. Formerly known as the F50, the X is exciting, innovative, and built for the best players in the world. Designed for players like Lionel Messi, the X is definitely a redesign on a well-known classic. 


Constantly evolving, the X is home to a number of technological innovations that give it the speed factor players are looking for. The X features a Mirageskin upper that gives you a tight knit fit that hugs your foot in all the right places. This Mirageskin upper is made with adidas’ signature Primeknit technology, which gives you the most adaptive fit possible from a cleat.

To keep you quick and speedy, the cleat features a revolution in outsole technology. Made from carbon-fiber, the innovative Speedframe outsole is lightweight and durable. Being made with Carbon-fiber offers a durability the professionals desire and that you need. When looking at the speed aspect, adidas made sure to include a sprint spike silhouette. This silhouette is unique to adidas and designed to ensure that you are the quickest and most elusive player on the field. 

If you are looking for a low cut cleat that bolsters speed and creativity, this is certainly the cleat for you. Most notably, Messi has designed and developed the X. However, players like Son Heung-Min and N’Golo Kante most notable sport the latest silo from adidas. These players are notoriously known for their speed and finishing on the field. If you are looking for a cleat that is lightweight but still packs a lot of punch, definitely check out the X.

Available Models

If you are looking to get a pair of the X, you might want to know what the latest model is. The X’s rich history now features the Speedflow. The adidas X Speedflow is the latest and greatest from the silo and Lionel Messi’s signature cleat. However, this speedflow offers a ton of variety in the colorway, with numerous cleat packs released each year. 

Copa Mundial

The cleat built for every player and every situation, the Copa Mundial is the classic cleat every player needs. Released in 1979, the Copa Mundial is the best-selling cleat of all time and it’s definitely not a surprise. 


Some may say that the Copa Mundial is outdated and beyond its years, but it’s a classic for a reason. The classic version of the cleat has been built with a premium kangaroo leather upper for all weather conditions. This soft leather also allows for a positive touch and undeniable control. The updated version of the Copa Mundial has been developed with adidas’ signature Primeknit upper, but follows the same classic design from the past. 

Perhaps the most classic and recognizable feature of the cleat is its classic outsole. Built with a polyurethane outsole, the cleat is built for durability and control and in any weather condition. These cleats also feature molded cleats that allow for the most grip possible. The newly redesigned Copa Mundial now features the Copa Sense+ soleplate and TPU forefoot studs. This means that these cleats have been updated to match the demands of the modern game. 

Both the classic and redesigned Copa Mundial are built to last, which is why some of the best players in history have dawned them. From Maradona to Beckham, the Copa Mundial is definitely built with the best players in mind. If you are looking for a complete classic or a more modern version of a classic these are definitely the cleats for you. With firm ground, soft ground, turf, and indoor options these cleats are definitely a good choice for any player.

Available Models

If you are looking to get your hands on a pair of the Copa Mundials, there are definitely options available. Looking for cleats with a leather upper and bolster control and power, definitely take your shot with the classic black and white Copa Mundial. However, if you’re looking for a combination of classic technology and new features check out the Copa Mundial 21PK. Like I said, the Copa Mundial is for just about everyone. For those that love the classics and those that love modern technology so take your pick today!

Copa Sense

The latest adidas cleats to hit the market are the Copa Sense. These boots mirror classic technology but with a completely modern twist and update. The comfortable and form fitting boot is the latest in the adidas silo and is built for dynamic players. Interested in the Copa Sense? Check out the details below!


A tip of the cap to its heritage, the Copa Sense is designed with premium K+ leather and a primeknit upper. This allows you to have a cushioned but firm presence on the ball. The leather on the forefoot allows you to cushion every touch, which helps you keep the ball closer to your foot and improves your overall touch. The mix of leather and primeknit is perfect for the player that is all about control and precision. 

Something totally unique about the Copa Sense is that the cleats were built with the most optimal touch in mind. To do so adidas added expertly engineered touchpods to the side of the upper. These are designed with crafted foam meant to absorb ball impact. These foam touch pods ensure that you have the most controlled touch and more control than ever. Not only do these allow you to have better control than before, but absorb any shock that you may face on the field. 

If you are also looking for comfort, these are definitely the best cleats for you. Home to newly designed sensepods in the heel, these cleats are meant for comfort. If you want a little cushion between you and the heel of your cleats, these sensepods do just that. These pods also help your feet stay locked into the cleats which means that you will be more dynamic than ever. The comfort added to these cleats also help you break in these cleats with just a few wears. 

If you are looking for a laceless fit, the + tier of these cleats give you the opportunity for just that. However, if you aren’t looking for that laceless look and feel, definitely check out the Sense.1 and Sense.2. Both of these are definitely designed for a similar feel to the + but at a little bit lower cost. If you are looking for a cleat worn by players in nearly every position these are definitely for you. From Manuel Neuer to Joao Felix these cleats are made for the best in every position.


Available models

If you like the technology behind the Copa Sense there are definitely a multitude of options for you to choose from. The Copa Sense is home to some pretty awesome colorways and release packs that offer something for everyone. The most recent release of the Copa Sense was with the Diamond Edge pack, which is crisp, clean, and features a subtle colorway. 

In Conclusion

One of the biggest brands in soccer has some of the most unique and advanced cleats in the game. With four main silos, adidas offers something for every kind of player. If you are interested in these awesome cleats from adidas, but don’t know the price difference among the tiers, stay tuned for an in-depth explanation!