If you are a big fan, a new fan, or just want to know more about PUMA soccer cleats, you’ve come to the right place. One of the oldest brands in the game, PUMA is the perfect combination of both old and new. When it comes to their cleats they are home to three distinct silos; the Ultra, the Future, and the King. If you are looking for cleats to step up your game, definitely keep reading because these are certainly some of the best. 



Looking for the most classic and well-known cleats from PUMA? The PUMA KING has been and is here to stay. Featuring classic technology with a modern twist, these cleats are for every kind of player and are built for the biggest moments. 


If you are looking to improve your touch, the King offers technology that does just that. They feature PUMA’s KINGForm technology in the most key contact areas. KINGForm technology is a well-designed rib structure that fuses to the leather in the upper. Adding this technology in key contact areas allows you to have increased responsiveness and touch on the field. 

The most classic technology found on these cleats is definitely the super soft premium K-leather on the upper. This leather not only aids your touch, but your comfort and durability throughout even the toughest games. K-leather is one of the most classic technologies that cleat companies utilize because of how overwhelmingly durable it is. Durability is certainly an important piece of your game, but so is comfort.  If you are looking for comfort the K-leather is also built with a knitted tongue. This knitted tongue allows you to stay locked in all while being breathable. 

Stability is also increasingly important in your cleats and the King offers just that. The King is designed with the latest Peba outsole inspired by PUMA’s track running history. This outsole is designed with subtle spikes on the forefront, which makes way for both speed and stability. The King also features classically redefined conical studs. These studs allow for stability and make wake for traction and enhanced movement. 

If you are looking for a pair of cleats that offer stability, dynamic movement, and comfort the King is definitely for you. 

Available Models

The most classic cleats from PUMA are home to the classic KING design with some modern twists. The brand is even going the direction of stability with their latest release of the Vegan King Platinum. 



Cleats that are designed for creative players, the PUMA Future is definitely one you should check out. Some of the world’s greatest like Neymar Jr. wear the PUMA FUTURE. Their world renowned creativity and speed offers new technology that is incredibly unique. 


If you are looking for cleats that are built for creativity and control these are definitely the cleats for you. An upper that is engineered to be super soft allows you to get closer to the ball and have more control than ever. Also designed with an expertly engineered super soft pattern is the medial sides of the cleats.This soft pattern allows for a completely refined touch and more enhanced control when passing and finishing. 

The upper of the FUTURE has been designed with Advanced Creator Zones which feature a textured 3D grip zone on the lateral sides. The Advanced Creator Zones have been included so every player can have enhanced ball cutting and driving. This technology is totally unique to PUMA and the future and allows for more creativity for even the most creative players. 

If you are looking to be explosive with support and freedom of movement, the FUTURE allows you to do just that. The Future has been designed with an updated Dynamic Motion System outsole. The purpose of this outsole is to allow players to have freedom and support during extremely explosive changes in direction. This is especially important, as it allows players to be quick and creative while also maintaining support. 

A feature that players love on the FUTURE is PUMA’s adaptive compression band. This stretch compression band is built to ensure that you have an unparalleled fit and stay completely locked in. This also allows for you to have control in even the toughest moments, a feature that is truly unmatched in this silo pack. 

Available Models

The FUTURE is one of the latest silos in the PUMA collection and is home to numerous collections and packs. If you are looking for some of the latest from the FUTURE Silo, the Instinct Pack and the Eclipse Pack offer that latest and greatest technology. However, like I mentioned, there are numerous packs so you can get the technology you want as well as the look. 



Some of the most lightweight and speedy cleats on the market, the ULTRA is definitely one of the most advanced cleats on the market. Designed with speed in mind, the Ultra is built for players like Christian Pulisic and Antoine Griezmann, who are both speedy and dynamic. If you are looking for lightweight and elusive speed these are definitely the cleats for you.


As I mentioned, these cleats were designed with speed and a lightweight design in mind. These speedy cleats were built with PUMA’s MATRYXEVO technology for support during fast-forward motion. This technology is built with reactive Carbon yarns, which allow for speed as well as a lightweight feel and fit. The upper is also built with ULTRACut technology that offers multilayered support for rapid movement. 

Keeping speed in mind, the ULTRA has been designed with running spike technology in mind to ensure you are faster than ever. The SpeedUnit outsole incorporates this running spike technology that is built for total rapid acceleration. Also developed with the infamous internal SPEEDCAGE technology, these cleats are also built for support even with fast-paced speed in mind. 

You may be worried that because these cleats are so lightweight they may not be as stable and as comfortable as other cleat silos. However, this is not the case. Engineered with GripControl Pro, these cleats offer stability and control over the ball. Also featuring a lightweight removable sockliner with Nano Grip Technology, these cleats keep you locked in but still let you be speedier than ever. 

These cleats are also diverse in the way of playing surface. Built for both Firm Ground and Artificial ground, you can wear these cleats just about anywhere. If you are looking for speed, control, and a lightweight feel definitely check these out.

Available Models

The ULTRA is one of the most diverse cleats on the market. Home to numerous updates and packs you definitely have a wide range of options to choose from. The latest from the ULTRA silo are the Origins Pack and the Instinct Pack. However, there is definitely a wide variety to choose from, so check out the ULTRA offerings today!


In Conclusion

Arguably the most well-known and oldest brand in soccer, is stepping up their cleat game big time. Home to a number of technologically advanced silos the brand is offering more cleats for every kind of player than ever before. The cleats are home to a multitude of tears, but that can get tricky. Stay tuned for more on the difference between cleat tiers!