Energy Mode Pack adidas Predator 18+

With the World Cup in full swing and the knockout stage on the horizon, we thought it best to take a look at one of the most stunning boots of the summer, the adidas Predator 18+. Blending the look of an iconic Predator colorway with the technology of modern day adidas boots, this Predator has something for everyone. Since the Pred’s revival last year, it has turned into a boot that everyone is trying to get their hands on. If you’d like to know why many others and myself are head over heels for this cleat from adidas, stick around and get stuck in the details with me.

The World Cup (Energy Mode) pack Predator is one of the more vibrant colorways we will see in Russia, and that’s certainly a good thing. The colorway is a nod back to the 1998 Electricity-Yellow Predator Accelerator. The main part of the boot is Solar Yellow with Black on the sock and the three stripes branding. The heel counter is Solar Red and the soleplate has a chrome fading affect from Solar red, to Solar Yellow, and back to Solar Red. It’s always a joy to see the brands take an older colorway and give it a modern twist.

One of the biggest selling points for the Predator is just how comfortable it is. It has a wider last that makes the boot wearable for all foot shapes and sizes. I have a slightly wider than average foot and I love wearing the Predator 18+. It fits my foot tightly, with out being too tight. It might not be the best for those with really slim and narrow feet as there are no laces to tighten the boot up though.

With the World Cup in full view, adidas has reportedly changed the upper slightly on the Predator 18+. One of the reasons I wanted to review this boot was to take a look at what might have changed and how it of course affects the performance and feel on the ball.  It is still a Primeknit upper that is soft and plush to the touch. The only real difference I possibly noticed was that there is possibly a bit more padding underneath the upper to give a pillowy sensation. I found this to be an odd feeling while I was testing. If you read my reviews, you know that I am a fan boy of the Predator line but also I cant get enough of thinner boots, especially speed boots. However, it is also a huge plus to have the little bit of extra cushioning for when you could get stamped on for having bright boots. During my testing, I didn’t have any issues with comfort, sliding around, or any sort of blisters. The biggest plus side for me was controlling the ball and shooting in the Pred. The 3D textured upper gives a nice area to both control the ball, and strike it with power while not getting that sting that always seems to plague powerful players. The lockdown was surprisingly excellent for a boot without laces. The reinforced mid foot helps with both lockdown and the stability of the upper both exposed and covered Primeknit. The ControlSkin upper is Primeknit with a layer over top that protects the upper and makes a 3D textured upper. The soleplate has hybrid studs that a mix of conical and diamond studs all in one. The external heel counter offers a bit of extra protection and a perfect place to slide your foot in and lock into the boot. Overall, the biggest upside for the Predator is that is a control boot that offers a different feel than the Magista from Nike. It’s lower cut collar, soft upper, and comfortable; what more could you ask for in a boot?

The Pred is being worn all over the Russia this summer. Headlining athletes is the Golden Boy of Manchester United, Paul Pogba. Mesut Ozil is Germany’s big gun wearing the laceless Pred during this summer’s big tournament.  There are of course many other players from top to bottom that choose to wear the Predator 18+, regardless of what position they play on the field.

With the Predator 18+ currently sitting near the top of my “Booties” awards that we always release at the end of the year, for both the Colorway of the Year and Boot of the Year categories. If you’re a player who doesn’t mind a little bit of cushion between his foot and the ball, then the Predator 18+ is the boot for you without a doubt. You can find the Energy Mode adidas Predator in several different colorways.


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