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On Friday, we were finally treated to the return of the Nike SuperFly. Taking a major cue from the build of the Magista but obviously being built for speed, the SF seems to be a wealth of new technologies and updates that we cannot wait to test here at The Instep. However, as images and news started to trickle through about the SuperFly, several here started asking…where’s the next Vapor?

For those of us that remember, the SuperFly will probably return to its old spot at the top of the “tier mountain” for the Mercurial range. With that being said, the Vapor will still be considered a top-tier boot but it will be the boot considered directly “under” the SuperFly when it comes to the Mercurial. Unlike other boot silos in the world, there will still be several major Nike endorsed players wearing the standard Vapor. So…where is it?

One of the lingering questions that everyone has had with the Magista (and now the Mercurial) is what the non-sock boot tier will look like. From images we have seen, it seems that the Magista will bear a few similarities to the CTR III and the Vapor X will probably follow a similar lead by being an obvious progression from the Vapor IX. While we do expect some changes to the upper, the soleplate, and other areas, it will be obvious which silo this boot represents once we finally get a glance at it.

One of our biggest thoughts will be that Nike is just trying to build as much hype for the more “elite” versions of these boots so that consumers will have already made the decision to snag these versions once we finally do see the other tiers in the silo. Perhaps by having us stare at a Magista for three months, we would have already decided to spend the extra in order to get it instead of saving some $ and getting the non-Flyknit version.

No matter when Nike finally lift the lid on these boots, we will certainly be anticipating their release every single day. The worst part about a major boot release is that you expect the reveal to satiate your desire for new boots…and once the boot is finally shown, you end up just diverting your anxiousness to the next boot on the horizon. One thing is certain: Nike certainly knows how to market a product…


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