• Liverpool are top of the league?!

    Liverpool are top of the league?!

    Do not refresh your computer screen and do not get too excited (if you are a Liverpool fan) or too depressed (if you are anyone else)…after three games in the EPL season, the once-mighty Liverpool...

  • Wenger Abandons Suarez Pursuit

    Wenger Abandons Suarez Pursuit

    After a slight restoration of faith for Arsene Wenger via a 3-0 victory, the French manager finally admitted that his club’s pursuit of Liverpool’shad ended. A massive statement for the followers of both clubs and...

  • Weekend #2 EPL Review

    Weekend #2 EPL Review

    Once again, the EPL weekend provided plenty of interesting stories while still having my mouth watering for the Monday clash between Chelsea and Manchester United. Although Bale still plays for Spurs and Suarez is still...

  • What We Learned From Opening Weekend

    What We Learned From Opening Weekend

    Although the excitement of Manchester City and Newcastle United has nearly overtaken me and caused me to faint at words like “Dzeko,” “Coloccini,” and “Oil rich investors,” I must recount what we have learned from...

  • Tottenham 2012/13 Outlook

    Tottenham 2012/13 Outlook

    As the season draws ever-closer, we here at the Center Circle are going to start looking at what each of the top teams in the EPL are looking at this season. With every big fan...


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