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  • What Is Position 9 in Soccer?

    In soccer, goal-scoring is the name of the game. And no position is more responsible for this purpose than position 9: the center forward—or, more simply, the striker.  Equipped with a strong center of gravity, […]

  • How to Dress Like Harry Kane

    Goal-scoring and Harry Kane: name a more iconic duo in professional football today. The man is England’s all-time leading goal-scorer and the English Premier League’s second all-time leading scorer. Now, he’s landed the Bundesliga’s biggest […]

  • What Is Position 8 in Soccer?

    Picking a “most important” position on the soccer pitch is an impossible task (they’re all important)—but there’s a pretty convincing case to be made for position 8: the central midfielder.  If the name isn’t a […]

  • What Are PKs in Soccer?

    In the game of soccer, nothing can turn the tide—and turn up the pressure—quite like a penalty kick. From the perspective of spectators, PKs seem like they should be simple to convert, but when you […]

  • Dress Like Paulo Dybala

    Known for his creative playmaking, adaptive ability to play a number of positions on the pitch, and undeniable knack for finding the back of the net, Paulo Dybala is a crucial piece of any club […]