Modern soccer jerseys are performance sportswear that’s made to take a beating on the pitch while fitting comfortably, and helping you manage moisture and temperature. Whether you’re wearing your jersey during a heated match, or repping your favorite team while you down a plate of hot wings at the sports bar, your jersey can get dirty. Since they are made from high-tech materials that are manufactured to have certain properties, many people wonder how to wash a soccer jersey. In this blog post, the experts at The Instep will break down the steps to properly cleaning a soiled jersey. Follow these steps, and you’ll keep your jersey clean and looking like new on game day.

Rinse Right Away

As soon as you get home after a game, rinse that dirty jersey right away. Use a utility sink or a hose to try and remove any dirt off the surface. This step is key, especially if you’re coming off a hard-fought match on a muddy field. Make sure you use cold water and apply copious amounts to the entire jersey. The longer dirt has to set in your fabric, the harder it will be to get out.

Pre-Soak Like A Pro

The next step, possibly the most important step, is to pre-soak your garment. Fill a sink or bucket with water that’s warm to the touch but not too hot. Next, add a splash of your favorite heavy-duty laundry detergent, about 2 tablespoons, and one cup of baking soda. If you have particularly hard water in your area (meaning it’s full of minerals), you may need to add a water softener to help your detergent work like it should. Soak your jersey in this mixture for at least an hour. It’s best to soak overnight if you have that option. Don’t soak colored and white jerseys in the same bucket to avoid any possible dye transfer.

Cold Water Wash

Machine wash your jersey with cold water, without any other clothes. Polyester soccer jerseys can attract cotton strands from other clothes. Cold water helps keep colors bright and reduces the amount of dye that might come off your jersey.

Always Air Dry

Never put a polyester soccer jersey in an automatic dryer. Hang your garment up to air dry. Most jerseys these days are made to not absorb excess water. Line-drying modern elite designs will be faster than ever before. Examine your garment when you hang it up to dry. Super stubborn stains, like blood stains and grass stains, might need heavy duty detergent rubbed directly into them, then pre-soaked and machine washed all over again.

Buy A New Jersey

Is cleaning too hard? Just buy a new jersey when yours gets too dirty. We’re kidding, of course, it’s always best to clean what you have. However, if you’re looking for the latest designs of home, away, and alternative jerseys, or gifts for family members, you’ll appreciate the large selection of soccer jerseys at


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