Alexis Sanchez Signed by BarcaAlthough this entire article could be about how big a mistake and risk Barcelona took when they initially purchased Sanchez, we will try and keep the focus on the Chilean forward (at least as much as we can). With the current goal-scoring form, or lack thereof, and his inability to gel completely with the Barcelona behemoth, it seems that Sanchez had a mass of potential that he is currently unable to reach. The only thing to ask now is: How do we fix it and get the great Chilean talent back on track?

In order to fully understand the potential that Sanchez possessed, you have to understand that he was proclaimed as the world’s most promising youngster in the 2011 season by This honor was given while the forward was up against the likes of Gareth Bale, Neymar, and Javier Pastore. Translation: Sanchez was seen as one of the most promising forwards of this generation and something about how he spends his time with Barcelona is not being conducive to him becoming a true superstar.

The best situation would be to send Sanchez to a top-tier club in Italy. He thrived with Udinese and the Italian league seems to truly suit his style of play. The reason why I would not send him to a Bundesliga club or an EPL club is because Sanchez is not a fan of overly physical play and his diving record is already well documented despite playing in one of the least physical leagues in the world. Some people say that the Italian league’s defensive sensibilities also lend it to being overly physical, but if you’ve paid attention to Serie A recently, then you’ve noticed that the strikers seem to hit the deck under the lightest of challenges.

Although Udinese would want him back, it seems much more likely that Barcelona and Sanchez would want to try and recoup the initial transfer fee. That will mean that his destination will probably fall with some of the top class Serie A squads. Juventus have already been rumored to be interested and the rest of the Italian squads will be looking for an added boost on the attacking front for their league campaign and for a possible Champions League run.

Sanchez and Barcelona will hope that the way that history reflects them will end up being much more positive than the current storyline that seems to be in process. If Sanchez does end up finishing off his storyline with a positive note, it may still show off a fantastic career. However, if his career continues down the current pathway, he may be considered one of the biggest flops in world football history.


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