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While we may spend some of our time on The Center Circle talking about the latest jersey release to hit the market, we do occasionally stumble upon other footy-related products that really catch our eye. In this new series, we are going to take a look at some of the soccer lifestyle wear companies that have really made a mark on the world with some new and intriguing products. While you may not need boots and gear once you walk off the pitch, you definitely still want to show your love of the world’s game and show off your style.

In our first edition of “Lifestyle Sites We Like,” we covered the awesome guys and gear over at Live.Breathe.Futbol. Go check them out!

This edition of LSWL covers two of our favorite sites right now. One has been around for a while and has a very impressive history, and the other is relatively new to the soccer world but is quickly expanding their impressive idea into new ventures.

The site with the “impressive history” is Bumpy Pitch. A lifestyle site that has the gear chops to stand head and shoulders above the rest. When your company has been asked to do pieces with Nike, asked by EA Sports to be at launch parties, and gotten featured on an insanely popular FX comedy, you know that the company is at the top of the heap. An impressive blend of BP’s twist on some classic American team crests (including our faves: the long defunct Memphis Blues and replaced (but never forgotten) Seattle Storm), current team homages, home stadium shirts, and a plethora of “Bumpy Pitch” adorned gear that ensures that our wallets are forever empty.

Bumpy Pitch Crest tee

If none of that previous stuff seems to be your cup o’ tea, then there is no possible way that you can resist the reference to the snow-covered afro that owned the pitch during a very wintery encounter for the USMNT. When you snag one for yourself, go ahead and send us one as well…we’ll consider it an early Christmas present for us. Fill every footy lover’s stocking with some Bumpy Pitch gear and you will be the most beloved Santa on the block…guaranteed.

Football as Football logo

Now, for a site that has caused our fearless leader Drew (and I) no end of drooling over lifestyle gear, Football as Football. A concept that had us immediately screaming “GENIUS!!!”…FAF has taken American football and given every team’s logo a bit of European football’s “crest” treatment. The end results are amazing. Their store has stuff that would be loved by soccer fans and NFL fans alike. Ever wish that the Dallas Cowboys could have a soccer style crest? Wish granted. Ever wish that Green Bay had more to show for their team than a large green “G”…request fulfilled! Every single NFL team is represented (and they are all represented four different times)!

Considering the fact that FAF just got featured with Rolling Stone (the magazine/not the band) and the fact that our e-mails seem to be filling some ever increasing “spam” box in their inbox, FAF is on their way to being a very big deal in the world of soccer lifestyle gear. Check them out so that you can still say “I liked them before (insert moment that made you feel like you were no longer a soccer hipster).”

Football as Football GB vs. CHI

Do you have any gear from these two companies? Had you ever heard of them before? Let us know who your favorite lifestyle gear sites are! Check out the first edition of LSWL and keep an eye out for more!


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