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30 for 30 Hillsborough

With the World Cup within 50 days at this point, the European leagues approaching an amazing climax, and the major brand boot releases reaching a fever pitch, there is plenty for you to still add to your life to make sure that you reach your full footy needs. With an always impressive original 30 for 30 series with a few nods towards soccer from ESPN, the WC build-up has the Worldwide Leader in Sports giving the world’s favorite game total focus with several releases in the 30 for 30 series.

Starting off with an absolutely phenomenal special on the Hillsborough disaster that you absolutely MUST catch on a replay or somewhere on the internet, the most recent edition saw the infamous “Hand of God” incident with Maradona covered along with a breathtaking special also on Chile’s road to the 1974 World Cup. However, the Soccer Stories 30 for 30 is just getting started.

With a new edition coming out every Tuesday evening from now until May 6th and then a WC-led hiatus for the stories until a return on July 1st, there are plenty of other opportunities to watch these amazing works of film. On April 29th, a story showing how a player that was told they were incapable of playing pro soccer proved the naysayers wrong and a story regarding a 1994 terrorist attack on Irish fans during one of their World Cup matches. On May 6th, stories showcasing historical soccer moments from Brazil and Italy will rule the day, and July 1st will be dominated by the story of Ossie Ardiles and his native Argentina.

If you have never experienced the 30 for 30 series, be it involving soccer or a different sport, these short films are extraordinary and the stories are truly impressive. In order to continue filling your upcoming months with proper amounts of WC hype, you need to be tuning in to ESPN as often as these 30 for 30 films hit the airwaves. I hate making guarantees or promises on this site, but I have no qualms telling you that you will be missing out if you are not watching these…guaranteed.


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