As we enter into the late stages of the European Transfer window, there are typically very few scraps for the larger clubs to fight over and the big, late transfer is typically a player that was not even involved with a transfer at the beginning of the window. However, this summer, we have three huge players that are still floating in the possibility of making a huge transfer to another club. In this article, we will see which one is the most likely to leave and which one is the most likely to stay.

Wayne Rooney – Current Club- Manchester United

The moment that David Moyes became the front-runner for the United job, rumors started to leak that Rooney had already turned in a transfer request. Then, almost with his last act, Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that Wayne Rooney was trying to leave the Red Devils as his appearances had become limited by the unstoppable RVP. All summer long, Moyes has said that Rooney was not for sale and Rooney has been rather quiet. The biggest destination rumor is Chelsea with Jose Mourinho stating that Rooney will occupy his transfer thoughts until the last moment of the window.

Will he leave? Yes, but it might not be in the summer. If he continues to pout and he continues to get overlooked for starting spots, then he will not remain with United for the second half of the season.

Probable destination: Chelsea. Although big dogs in both France and Spain have expressed some interest in Wazza.

Luis Suarez – Current Club – Liverpool

Liverpool feel that Suarez owes them a debt because of the suffering he has put them through. Suarez feels Liverpool owe him because they did not make the Champions League this last season. Either way, the situation has turned into the most interesting transfer saga for anyone that is not rooting for the red side of Liverpool this season. The recent statements from the ownership group and the manager seem to suggest that Suarez is not for sale, but I think that the same offer that Arsenal are making would be enough for Suarez to leave if a team outside the EPL was making the offer.

Will he leave? Yes. He has already been told to train alone and Liverpool/Brendan Rogers have already talked about buying more players no matter where Suarez ends up. It all just depends on when a team outside the EPL makes a decent bid.

Probable destination: La Liga. Suarez seems like he would fit well with any team looking for a slippery striker. But Liverpool seem truly against letting the Uruguayan play against them in the EPL so it will be interesting to see if they fleece Arsenal for much more than Suarez is worth.

Gareth Bale – Current Club – Tottenham

Gareth Bale is the CR7 of the 2013 transfer window. His talent on the left wing lit up the EPL and the amount of money that is circulating around his transfer makes my head spin. The only thing with Bale’s transfer that is a bit different is the fact that only one club seems to be truly interested. For me though, it seems that Bale would occupy the space that Ronaldo prefers to operate in. I have said in the past the Madrid had an embarrassment of riches and this addition would only make the members of their bench seem even more ridiculous. At some point, Madrid will have to face up to FFP.

Will he leave? He has to, right? There is no way that Tottenham can turn down an offer around $100 million. The amount of talent that they could bring in for that transfer and still have money left over is unfathomable. Crazy idea- turn around and buy Suarez AND Rooney with nearly $35 million left over. (I love this game)

Probable destination: Real Madrid. Only one team has been vocal about bringing Bale to their squad and only one team seems likely to be willing to spend enough dough. However, I still wonder where his spot is in the Madrid squad…

Where do you think all of these players will end up at by the end of the window? Has there ever been a transfer window quite like this one?