CR7 Shirt ImageThere are many great players in the world of football today but it seems that two players in particular are playing for something more than money and trophies; immortality. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are playing to be mentioned in the same breath as Pele, Maradona, and Cruyff. That is what makes the rumors of AS Monaco contemplating a $133,000,000 bid to Real Madrid for the services of CR7 so intriguing.

Monaco has already made a huge splash this summer with announced transfers in place for Falcao, James Rodriguez, and Joao Moutinho. These transfers have already cost Monaco just under $180,000,000. Now Monaco is definitely one of the most beautiful and luxurious of all the Mediterranean cities one could go and they can offer you gobs of tax free dollars, but they cannot offer Champions League football.

The Champions League is the showpiece of each club football season. Every football fan has a moment or moments that stand out for them from the competition. [1] The Best players are measured by their performances in the Champions League. Since CR7 has been at Real Madrid, who have won more leave Madrid without that winners’ medal, there would be no other way to describe his time in Madrid not an option. He must stay the course with Los Blancos and bring forth the only title that really matters at Madrid.

As mentioned, AS Monaco could provide Ronaldo with an even more amazing payday (he currently makes about $17,000,000 in salary from his Madrid contract) since Monaco doesn’t have an income tax. It is a playground for the wealthiest people in the world. As far as football goes, Ronaldo could combine with Falcao to be a truly frightening attacking duo. One would think that Ronaldo surrounded with the talent already assembled and a competent manager in Claudio Ranieri they should be very competitive in the French Ligue 1. But would anyone remember anything Ronaldo does at AS Monaco in 20 years? Would playing in Monaco keep him from being mentioned in the same breath with Pele, Maradona, and Cruyff? That is the $133,000,000 question. Cristiano immortality awaits your decision.

For me it’s the Liverpool comeback of 2005, the John Terry miss in 2008, and Bastian Schweinstager missing in 2012.


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