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Neymar in Nike FC

While we may spend some of our time on The Center Circle talking about the latest jersey release to hit the market, we do occasionally stumble upon other footy-related products that really catch our eye. In this new series, we are going to take a look at some of the soccer lifestyle wear companies that have really made a mark on the world with some new and intriguing products. While you may not need boots and gear once you walk off the pitch, you definitely still want to show your love of the world’s game and show off your style.

In our first edition of “Lifestyle Sites We Like,” we covered the awesome guys and gear over at Live.Breathe.Futbol. Go check them out!

Then, in our second edition, we took a look at some of the great gear from our friends over at Bumpy Pitch and the awesome new idea from the guys over at Football as Football.

Nike FC Venom Pant - black

For the third edition covering our favorite lifestyle gear, we are going to take a look at a company that has been in the soccer gear “game” for a long time. But, it is a company that has decided to take a huge swing at the lifestyle sides of footy: Nike and the Nike FC range.

For NIKE FC, the gear spreads a little bit bigger blanket than some of the brands that we had covered previously. For the other companies that we covered, the gear was predominantly limited to just shirts. For Nike FC, the gear spreads from shoes, to shirts, to jackets, and all the way to field player gloves.

Have you had a chance to see the Nike Tiempo lifestyle shoes that were featured over at The Instep? With this shoe, Nike took the beloved heritage boot and added some touches to ensure that it looked and functioned like a casual lifestyle shoe. While some versions do come with a tongue, the tongues are merely attached by velcro and can be removed fairly easily. I had the pleasure of wearing the Tiempo Trainers and they have quickly become a great addition to any day at the office or a night out on the town.

The shirts and jackets that Nike has produced for the Nike FC is a shift of the branding that we have been seeing for a little while now. The CR7 style collections and the lifestyle wear that Nike would couple with some releases seems to have been shifted over to the FC gear. Not to mention that Nike is giving all of these looks a fairly classic feel that we have seen when we were looking at LBF and Bumpy Pitch, and it shows that the Swoosh is only continuing to grow their presence and footprint within the world’s game.

Nike FC Venom Pant

Go check out some of the Nike FC gear from our friends over at and see what one of the “big boys” brings to the lifestyle table. Keep an eye out for the next time we delve into the lifestyle wear side of footy gear and go and see if any of the sites that we have covered have something that would be perfect for someone on your Christmas shopping list!


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