Kelsey Davis, TCU Women’s goalkeeper coach, tested out two different versions of Nike goalkeeper gloves for us: the Nike Vapor Grip 3 and the Nike Confidence. Here are her findings:

Nike Vapor Grip 3

Nike Vapor 3 Goalkeeper Glove

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 Goalkeeper Glove is a fantastic glove built for the utmost comfort and mobility. The newest version of this glove continues the integrity of the line as it is consistent in design, feel, and comfort of previous versions.  In my opinion, the biggest improvements are two technical aspects: an improved finger design to increase range of motion and a stronger, more durable wrist strap.

In my testing, the glove is best suited for the goalkeeper that likes room to breathe and maximum cushion in their handling.

Technically, the glove features a 4mm sticky foam padding that aids in handling and shot absorption. The foam is consistent throughout the face of the glove, as it equally extends in padding from each fingertip to the base of the palm.

Because it features a single wrist strap, the glove allows for extra room and mobility. The single wrist strap allows for the goalkeeper to get the glove on and off quickly. Likewise, it allows for easy, quick adjustment while on the field.

Tested in rainy and dry conditions, the glove performs well in both conditions. Tested in a collegiate environment, I would highly recommend this glove as it is a professional grade glove that is capable of withstanding the test of multiple elements, surfaces, and daily training.

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Nike Confidence

Confidence Goalkeeper glove

The Nike Goalkeeper Confidence Glove is built for the goalkeeper that loves a flush, form-fitting glove. Besides a change in color scheme, the Confidence glove is very similar to previous versions. It holds integrity in shape, design, functionality, and security.  A notable design improvement is the material used around the top of the wrist. The material is smoother and able to handle sweat, so as to not aggravate the skin and provide maximum mobility and comfort.

In my testing, the gloves’ multiple features allow for it to relate to and adapt to a myriad of hand types and goalkeeping styles.

Because of its tri-strap feature, the glove affords the goalkeeper the choice of tightness to the hand. So whether you like your gloves fitting like… a glove; or you like more room to breathe, the choice is up to you.  The use of 6mm of foam throughout the fingers, palm, and wrist allows for the glove to hold true to its name as it gives confidence in handling a myriad of saves.

Nike Confidence Glove

With the use of multiple types of fabrics and elements, the glove is extremely comfortable. The area around the wrist and bottom strap is extremely absorbent and comfortable against skin. Likewise, the fabric in the cut between fingers and palm allows for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Nike’s Bio-Align technology is fantastic and a great tool in designing this glove. The technology allows for a hand to remain in its most comfortable, natural position. In addition, the glove is molded into a curved, flexible position, so as to help in handling and overall comfort.

In my testing, the glove allows the hand to curve into its natural handling position, making holding onto shots easier and more consistent. Tested in rainy and dry conditions, the glove performs well in both conditions. Tested in a collegiate environment, I would highly recommend this club for the goalkeeper that enjoys a form-fitting, flexible, shot-absorbent glove. The glove fairs very well on multiple surfaces, elements, and in daily training.

Nike Confidence Keeper glove

Overall, both gloves are professional, quality goalkeeping gloves. Having worn both lines of gloves for many years and testing the current versions, Nike has done a wonderful job in holding true to the integrity of the glove line while making effective tweaks where necessary.


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