If you loved the new Zoom Air Mercurial from Nike, you’ll certainly love the latest drop from the soccer Giant. The Bonded Pack from Nike is not only filled with the latest technology, but with a story that proves just how big the game really is. 

The Story. 

Soccer, or as it is better known, football, is the world’s most popular and most well-known sport. Nearly every country across the globe has a football presence that is unlike any other sport across the globe. Football has a colorful and unique background that sees more unique stories than any other. 

These boots couldn’t have come at a better time with the Women’s Euros set to start in just a few days. Why launch them at this event? The kick off to a year of soccer at the biggest international stages starts with this Women’s Euros. Around this time next year we will have lived through a Women’s Euros, a Men’s World Cup, and a Women’s world cup drawing millions of people to stadiums and TVs to watch. Whether you’re a relatively new fan or a lifelong fan, there is one thing in the world that brings us together, the bond of the beautiful game. This bond is what serves as the inspiration for millions and even billions of people across the globe, and Nike has encapsulated this in their latest release. 

The Look.

Unique. Bold. Bonded. 

Those three words perfectly encapsulate what this latest release is all about. Football is the most bold and unique sport on the planet and is home to athletes from all over the globe. Nike’s goal was to represent the bond that football brings across the world and did just that with their newly launched color way. Each cleat silo will have this new colorway featuring colors like Blackened Blue, Barely Green, and Total Orange. Why so bright and bold? Well, it’s just like the game. The game brings players and fans together, and each color represents just that. Another small and intricate detail that Nike added is a pattern that is unique and diverse, just like the game of football. 

The latest pack from Nike is not only a testament to football, but to those that live and breathe the game. The cleats have been engineered for both men and women, serving as a further bond bridging them together. Football sees no boundaries and the bright colorway with unique features is a true symbol of just that. 

The Boots.

You may be wondering what silos will be home to this new pack, well it’s pretty simple. All of them. The new Zoom Mercurial Superfly and Vapor, the Phantom GT II, and the Tiempo will all showcase this unique pack in their own way. What makes football such an extraordinary sport is that there is more than one way to get your feet on the ground playing or watching the game. Every silo having their own spin on the pack is the perfect way to showcase its multifaceted presence. It also allows every kind of player to get their hands on the boots destined to further bond us through the game. 

Final Thoughts.

The story itself serves as an inspiration for players on the biggest stage and those that are just starting out. What Nike has done is further proved that the bond football brings us is unbreakable and has no boundaries. Compiling this with all four silos just proves that Nike is dedicated to telling the story that needs to be told, football is for everyone. Stay tuned for the release of the Bonded Pack and tell your football story.