Each season different players will rise to the occasion and provide a real bump to their team’s chances. This list is not a measure of talent, as much as it is a list of the most impactful players this season. Season results, combined with “what have you done for me lately”, are just a couple of the factors taken into account on our Player Power Rankings

1. Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian has taken over and claimed the forward position at Liverpool. He was a vital cog in Liverpool’s exciting 5-4 comeback victory this past week. Two goals and an assist from Firmino puts him in the top spot this week. Jurgen Klopp seems to have brought in a good one to the Reds, where they hope to build momentum for next season.

2. Dele Alli

The kid is on fire. Alli has been absolutely dominating over the past few weeks. The midfielder helped fill the gap while Christian Eriksen was struggling, linking up well when the Dane returned to form. But it has been Dele Alli who has performed when the spotlight is on. His wondergoal against Crystal Palace was a true beauty and will be in the running for goal of the year. This kid can become one of the best in the game.

3. Paulo Dybala

Dybala is another youngster who seemingly can’t stop succeeding. His winner helped Juventus to their 11th straight Serie A victory, closing the gap between themselves and first place Napoli. He has double digit goals already this season, and he just continues to add to his total with each passing game. If Juventus end up winning the league, it will be in large part due to their new superstar.

4. Angel Di Maria

PSG mid Angel Di Maria

It looks like all the Argentine needed was a change of scenery. Now in the French capitol, Di Maria is humming along in the PSG midfield. His creative presence has been critical to PSG’s success, contributing both goals and assists in Ligue 1. There is no doubt that Di Ma has made a successful transition to his new club.

5. Sergio Aguero

Aguero has become a regular hero at Manchester City. From a last minute winner to win the league a few seasons ago, to scoring two equalizers and saving a point against West Ham last week. Aguero’s scoring has been overlooked due to other storylines, but that does not make it any less impressive. His talent is undeniable and the results speak for themselves.

6. Jamie Vardy

Is there a single better story than Vardy and Leicester City? The player and club have both had meteoric rises from unlikely places. If you would have said that Vardy would be the scoring leader in the Premier League, and his Foxes would be at the top of the table this late, just 5 years ago you would have been laughed at. But alas, here we are, with Vardy scoring another goal and the Foxes getting another win.

7. Hugo Lloris

There is no doubt that Lloris is the goalkeeper of the year in the Premier League. He put the Tottenham defense on his back and carried them to the Top 4 in the Premier League. He is the league leader in goals given up, only allowing 19 all season. That is less than one a game, an incredible stat for those following the math.

8. Lionel Messi

The Messigician is back! Fresh of his record 5th Ballon D’Or, he is back to wrecking La Liga defenses. Messi has made the trio of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez whole again. You will not find a better attacking trio anywhere in the world, with Messi as the fearless leader.

9. Diego Costa

Chelsea has been struggling mightily this season, but their star striker is beginning to pull them out of their funk. His goal in the 1-0 victory over Arsenal gives the Blues more breathing room in what was shaping up to be a relegation scrap.

10. Christian Pulisic

The young American is starting to really show the dividends of training with top Bundesliga players. He has scored in two straight friendlies for Borussia Dortmund. He made the game day roster for Dortmund in a recent Bundesliga match, showing that the coaches and administration have big hopes for the teen from the United States.


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