Although we are only moments removed from the transfer window and the most recent Rooney debacle, it seems like Wayne Rooney will be spnding another few months in the Red of United. However, it is starting to seem like Rooney might be the luckiest player in the history of the EPL. Why? Because every single time the follicle-challenged striker finds himself outside the squad, his team seems to flounder and cause every footy-pundit to talk about how badly his teams are missing him.

At the club level, Manchester United looked somewhat toothless against Liverpool and will now be fighting to make sure that they are in a competitive spot before the second half of the season starts. After almost thirty minutes at Anfield, Twitter and the commentators for the game started talking about how badly United missed Rooney. With no depth in the midfield for the Red Devils, Rooney seems to be one of the best options when they need a creative player. Robin Van Persie can score even when he even sees a half-chance, but there will be games where RVP cannot be the only player United can depend on. Rooney can only hope that United continue looking lackluster so that his stock continues to rise (without him even being on the pitch…I might add).

At the international level, England looked completely unable to find the back of the net without Wayne Rooney. Rickie Lambert is starting to show that he is not built for this level of competition, Walcott looks like he is having too much of an issue living up to his billing, and most of the midfield seems unable to provide the level of attacking necessary while still trying to cover the back-line. Ashley Young still needs some time playing with United before he is back to his best and Tom Cleverly still baffles me every time that Hodgson selects him. If England are unable to get back to their winning ways, Rooney will begin to look even better!

Considering that Rooney was rumored to only be worth about 25 million during this last transfer window, it would not surprise me if his value has increased from his time OFF the pitch! If Rooney sees his two team struggle without him and his return results in a just a few decent performances, the English striker may instantly become one of the hottest commodities AGAIN! If United wanted to sell him, this January window may see Rooney’s value be inflated and might try and move him during January. If you were Rooney, would you be banking on his teams to struggle until he returns?