How to clean soccer cleats?To clean your soccer cleats, you want to first remove chunks of mud, grass, and dirt between the studs. Then remove the laces and soles (if they come out), and wash them in a washing machine. Scrub your cleats inside and out with a cloth dipped in warm water and a little bit of soap. Once everything is completely dry, you can put the laces back on and slide in the soles.


With a little work, you’ll keep that brand new pair of Nike® soccer cleats looking like new, all season long. Here’s some more info from the experts at The Instep:

Remove Mud & Dirt Right Away

Ok, ok, we know the last thing you want to do after a grueling match is methodically clean your cleats, but it’s good to get in the habit of doing it. Once you make it part of your routine, it will be like second nature. As soon as the action on the pitch ends, change into a pair of slide sandals or sneakers. Use a popsicle stick to clear out any mud, gunk, grass, dog poop, or dirt that may be clumped between your studs. Bang them together, stud to stud, to clear off any extra dirt. Then, toss them in a plastic bag and head home.

Remove Laces & Soles

When you get home, remove your laces and pull out the soles (assuming they are removable). You can place them together in an old pillowcase and wash them in a standard washing machine with warm water and your favorite detergent. Clean laces will make your boots look like new, and a clean sole will help keep them smelling fresh.

Use Warm, Soapy Water

Cleaning the rest of your premium adidas® soccer cleats takes a little more elbow grease. In a bowl, mix warm water with a few drops of laundry detergent. Ideally, you want the solution to be only mildly soapy, but if you find it difficult to remove dirt, add a little more detergent. Use a cloth and a soft toothbrush to clean your cleats, both inside and outside. Never submerge your cleats in water to clean them.


This step takes the most time, but it’s also the most important. Soccer cleats will last longer and look like new all season long if you take the time to keep them clean. Treat your boots right, and they’ll serve you well on the pitch.

Dry Carefully & Completely

Is the cleaning process now complete? Not quite yet. Drying is the final step. You want to make sure everything is completely dry before you slide the soles back in, lace up, and hit the pitch. Place your laces, soles, and cleats in a dry, ventilated place. Direct sunlight may damage your cleats, so it’s best to dry them in a shady or indoor space. Stuffing newspaper inside your cleats can help them dry more quickly and completely. Once all the moisture is gone, you’re ready to lace up those elite PUMA® soccer cleats and take to the field.