adidas Copa 18.1 and Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes

The adidas Copa Mundial has been the standard for all soccer cleats and continues to be one of the most popular soccer shoes for more than 25 years. The same tradition and quality is also available in the adidas Mundial Team turf soccer shoe and the adidas Mundial Goal indoor soccer shoe and as far as classic go, the new adidas Copa 17 follows in the bloodlines of the champion of soccer shoes! Classics are what classics are and these are one of the all-time classics, grab a pair today, now, go!

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Comparing the Copa to the Nike Premier
Nike and Adidas both have an incredible arsenal of boots on the market today. But the silos that are often overlooked are the two brands’ heritage-styled leather boots. The Premier and Copa Mundial have many similarities but when compared we find that the boots have just as many differences. The price is quite a bit different with the Copa being priced at $150 and the Premier is priced at $100, making the Premier a great option on a budget. The sizing on both of the boots can be different as well. The Premier fits a bit tighter than the Copa and takes 2-3 sessions to break in while the Copa takes about 3-4, which is not a huge difference. The Premier’s upper is a bit thinner than the Copa, yet both offer a great touch on the ball. The stud patterns are very similar but the Premier is a bit more reliable for traction on dry and wet playing surfaces. The Premier is also a bit lighter than the Copa. Two great, classic leather cleats, but through many tests and comparisons, we have our pick. What’s yours? read the full article!