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adidas® Copa: Iconic Looks and High-Tech Design

If you’ve seen a game of soccer, you’ve probably seen someone wearing adidas Copa cleats. These cleats remain popular year after year, decade after decade. The latest version is manufactured from lightweight materials, highly durable, comfortable to wear, and provides excellent traction on natural grass surfaces. They’re available in both laceless and lace-up designs, and a range of colors, from the classic black and white to eye-catching vivid hues. From kids to pros, these premium soccer boots have a reputation for high performance on the field.

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1–20 of 27 results

adidas Copa Mundial & Other Copa Designs

If you’re looking for that iconic black and white three-band soccer boot, Copa Mundial cleats are the choice for you. Though they sport a retro look, they are made to meet the same high-performance specs as newer adidas designs. Made from lightweight, yet durable materials, they can hold their own with any other boots on the market. Pay homage to the greats of yore, while dominating the pitch on game day with Copa Mundials.

New adidas Copa cleats feature an ultra-modern, futuristic look. Choose from lace-up and laceless designs that are engineered to give you a consistent striking area across your entire foot. All adidas cleats feature a specially designed toe area to give you a natural feel and response, whether you’re dribbling the ball, passing, or shooting.

At the end of the day, traction matters most. After all, you can’t play the game if you can’t stay on your feet. The adidas Copa 2020 line will give you a tight grip on the pitch, thus helping to improve acceleration, speed, and agility. Choose from a number of firm ground designs, as well as shoes that are made for play on artificial indoor surfaces.

At, you’ll find a large selection of adidas soccer cleats, including the popular Predator soccer shoes, and the high-performance Nemeziz cleats. Fast shipping and easy returns make finding the right fit simple. Upgrade your cleats and upgrade your game today.

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adidas Copa Mundial
The Copa Mundial, which was initially launched in 1979 included multiple studs and became the most-produced soccer cleat of all time. It launched to a huge PR splash in 1982 at the World Cup in Spain.

adidas Copa 19.1 Review

The latest modern interpretation of the classic adidas Copa Mundial is here, and it is arguably the best one yet. Dubbed Copa 19.1, this laced version of the new boot was released alongside the 19+… [ Read more… ]