Puma evopower comparison

When we found out that Puma had decided to put an end to the PWR-Cat and replace it with the evoPOWER, we were certainly perplexed. The PWR-Cat had been an Instep favorite and the 1.12 (especially the 1.12 SL) was a fantastic boot, so would Puma be able to move away from a quality release and still create a boot that can challenge in today’s marketplace? The answer was a resounding “yes” for the evoPOWER. An early front-runner to contend for “Boot of the Year,” the evoPOWER impressed with practically every single aspect of its make-up. So, with a leather version and a synthetic version available on the market, which version stands apart and is the superior evoPOWER choice? We take a long look at both boots and pass judgement on our favorite between the two great boots.

First Take – Look & First Impressions

Puma evoPOWER side

So far, the synthetic version of the evoPOWER is a boot that will divide many fans. The colors have been bright (even the darker releases of the boot are quite colorful) and Puma’s history shows that the synthetic evoPOWER will definitely see more bright and colorful releases than dark, soft-spoken launches. The leather evo, on the complete flip-side, is as soft-spoken and understated as it can possibly get. With 98% of the boot being black (the colorway is called “Triple Black”), this boot appeals to practically every boot lover out there. Considering the leather used, Puma’s history, and the EverFit Cage on the outside of the boot, Puma might have future releases being a bit brighter…but the current model, is the epitome of a “blackout.”

However, for what we are looking at right now, the leather evoPOWER definitely has the best look. While we have enjoyed all of the synthetic’s releases colorways (especially the mis-matched World Cup releases), the simple and quality look of the leather version definitely takes the cake here.

Puma Leather evoPower

As far as first impressions went with the first boot, the synthetic was the one which we immediately can recall our first encounter with it. The leather might have suffered in our minds as it came a few months later, but the absolutely brand-new quality of the synthetic version with four or five new Puma technologies that we had never seen before, sticks out. Especially since the leather did not feel like a super-premium leather in your hands while the evoPOWER synthetic was something that you just could not help rubbing with your fingers.

Both boots do not come with any extras and they both will arrive at your home in normal Puma boxes, so there is nothing to separate them there. Despite the leather version sharing many of the new technologies with the synthetic, the presentation of the synthetic is what has you looking closer on these new additions. The leather version just looks like a leather boot…perhaps a negative aspect of the blackout look?

Before getting them on our feet, both boots seem completely equal. Where the first impression of the synthetic stands above the leather, the overall look of the leather was the better of the two. In the next part of the comparison, we will compare how both of these boots performed in-game. Will either version separate itself? Will the leather version’s $20 price bump come into play? Check in on the next part to see which evoPOWER we will be choosing on match day.


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