bomba comparison, Nike Bomba Pro, Nike Bomba Pro II

Nike’s Bomba line from the FC247 collection, is back for a second go with radically redesigned shoes.  As you can see from the picture above, the cleats especially of the Bomba II (front) have been completely reimagined.   The new design is much more versatile and allows the shoe to be used as both a Turf and Artificial Grass cleat.  The stud and traction patterns have been revamped to allow more grip on these surfaces without the bite that will hold you back.

This redesign gives the Bomba series a HUGE bump in their functionality and allows the shoe more uses. Like the Bomba Pro, the upper level silo Bomba Finale is much lighter than its predecessor, using over 25% fewer components580447_813_nike_bomba2_finale_left_tn in the shoe, in turn giving it a 10% decrease in weight. This is like steroids for soccer shoes, especially in terms of speed. The Finale’s upper also gets replaced with Nikeskin, a specialized synthetic containing a soft mesh bound with thin polyurethane film and then finished with Nike ACC (All Conditions Control) technology. This combination gives you a comfortable and breathable, yet water resistant shoe that allows you to stay on your A game regardless of the circumstances.

If you loved the original Bomba shoes, you will idolize the Bomba II’s. Nike has released some amazing colors for the cleats with even more coming this fall as a part of Nike’s holiday collection.


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