PrintWhile their on-the-pitch silos are receiving the current “hi-vis” update, Nike have decided to update their 24/7 collection with a host of new colors.  Although there are some definite nods to the hi-vis colors used for the HyperVenom, CTR360, Tiempo, and Vapor, this has not been labeled as a member of the “hi-vis” group.  Still, the colors are definitely vibrant and any fan of these shoes will have a hard time passing the colors up.

The 24/7 collection is made up the Lunar Gato II (for the street), the Bomba Finale II (for turf), and the Elastico Finale II (for courts).  All three boots have been highly scored here on The Instep and every color release has been well-received by the entirety of our staff.

Lunar Gato II


It seems that Nike had some mint color left over from a previous CTR colorway, but this makes the third Lunar Gato II that has a very vibrant colorway.  Although they are calling this color “Green Glow/Pink Foil,” it definitely reminds us of the “Mint/Mint/Black” Ctr360 from this summer.  For me, it is a few leopard spots in the pink Nike Swoosh away from the initial Elastico Finale II.  Still, despite Nike not breaking new ground with this color, the quality of the Gato will shine through no matter what color it has slapped on it.

The Gato is a lighter, better, and more comfortable incarnation of Nike’s street shoe.  The goat leather is incredibly supple and it breaks in quickly.  The quality of that leather has me wishing that Nike would put this type of leather on one of their boots (although, it does seem similar to the new Premier despite the Premier having Kangaroo leather).  If you need an indoor shoe, an everyday shoe, or a street footy shoe, this will definitely fit the bill completely.  Easily the most versatile shoe on the market today, not snagging this shoe would be a mistake for anyone that does not already have one.

Bomba Finale II

As “the Boss” Jeremy Elson will attest, I am addicted to anything that involves “Volt.”  Add in that you surround the volt with black and make it POP from miles away?  Insta-buy.  If Nike rolled this color onto their entire collection of shoes/boots, then I would have to buy them ALL.  Definitely the best looking colorway that the Bomba II has gotten so far and a colorway that I will sporting anytime that I hit the turf this fall.

The Bomba II is only similar to the original Bomba in name and some soleplate similarity.  The NikeSkin toebox, mesh midfoot, and removal of plastic studs on the bottom of the shoe were all improvements that Nike made because of player feedback.  Lighter than the last Bomba and much less bulky, this Bomba Finale II will definitely fly off the shelves.

Elastico Finale II

The new color update for the Elastico actually looks like it belongs in the “hi-vis” collection!  The purple and the volt look amazing and, dare I say, regal together and the quality of the Elastico Finale II means that this is my pick of the litter.  I am excited about a darker color slapped on the Elastico as the only qualm I had with this shoe is how easily it gets dirty and how quickly it can get scuffed.  Nike must have heard my prayers on this one…

The Elastico Finale II is nothing like the original Elastico and it has been a MASSIVE improvement.  If I am not wrong, this may have been the first product that I ever gave five stars and it may end up being the last!  If you ever play indoor soccer or if you want a pair of kicks that will make you stand out, I can GUARANTEE that these will not disappoint.

The entire 24/7 collection is amazing and these new colors definitely add some intrigue for people like me that ALREADY HAVE THESE SHOES!  If you will be heading indoor during the winter or if you already spent a large amount of your footy time on something besides firm ground surfaces, these shoes should be a no-brainer.


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