What’s up guys Will here from

With fall coming and back to school already behind us, I wanted to show off a pair of

our latest indoor shoes. These are the Nike Mercurial Victory indoors with bold and bright citrus. Before you guys ask, yes the shoes can be worn indoors they can be worn around town, they can be worn just about anywhere.

The upper on the issues that same dimpled surface you’re gonna find on the whole mercurial line of shoes. Along at that big Nike logo on the instep and the Swosh up there on the front. The bottom of these features a studeless indoor non-marking rubber sole with what
Nike are calling the Vapor court traction pattern. This traction pattern can help deliver little bit more grip and speed on hard indoor surfaces such as concrete or hardwood.
The fit on these is going to be wider than the Mercurial Vapor soccer cleats but it’s still not the widest.
I have wide feet and I don’t fit in the Vapors but I do fit in these.
It’s just a little snug but nowhere near where the vapors are so keep that in mind
when you’re ordering
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