Nike Tiempo VI Liquid Chrome

I mean, come on; it’s the next Nike Tiempo Legend, so of course I was excited to get these in hand! Once I opened the box and felt the leather and the upper, I thought, “These feel awesome, but odd at the same time.” A leather boot with an internal support cage sounds weird but I was ready to see how the boots performed during testing.

The Look

Nike love launching boots with some orange in it. The mainly white (Pure Platinum) upper has a bit of a shine to it to go along with the Liquid Chrome Pack. The synthetic black heel area adds a nice contrast to the white. The soleplate features one boot that says Tiempo and the other has a Nike Swoosh in Orange to give more color to the black plate. When you step onto the pitch, people will notice the Legend VI and ask all about them, so get ready.

The Touch

Closeup of Tiempo Legend VI leather

Made from extremely soft Kangaroo leather, you are getting a premium touch on the ball. The leather is vacuum pressed onto a nice foam skeleton frame that allows the leather to be extremely thin and eliminates the chance of water seeping through the stitching like on older Legends.

The foam skeleton is designed also to keep the leather in tact so that it keeps its shape longer over time. The leather is a more adaptive one that allows less water to be absorbed so that you are dry all 90 minutes. The tongue has been made into a tongue-less sensation like on the Vapor and Phinish. This creates a more seamless touch all over the boot.

The touch you receive while controlling the ball is something special. You feel close to the ball while also feeling a quilted sensation. This also helps when striking the ball with power so that you don’t feel as much of the sting you get when making a nice clean and hard hit on the ball.

I found the Legend 6 to be out of this world in terms of comfort and fit. I had no problems with slipping and was comfortable from the get go. I barely had any time breaking in the boots with so I was able to grab the boots and head to the field with no problem jumping into a session.

Tiempo Legend VI

They are light for a leather boot, but are heavier than the Legend V. This isn’t something you are going to notice in the end so don’t let this be your deciding factor on the cleat. ACC (All Conditions Control) is found again on the Legend VI so that you can have all the same control and touch you have in wet conditions, as in dry conditions.

The classic touch of leather and modern craftsmanship has helped Nike create a winner here. If you enjoy leather cleats, you will enjoy these as well. I normally do not like leather cleats, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying the Legend VI and has even found its way into my boot of the year list.

The Feel

Nike Tiempo Legend VI soleplate

The Tiempo lineup has always been known to be extremely comfortable and the VI is no different. The soleplate is a popular choice among professionals and amateurs alike. The boot feels perfect around your foot and you feel locked in from the get go. If you enjoy that already broken in feel, you’ll enjoy these. The wider fitting shoe will fit most foot types so you wide-footed players can enjoy the Legend as well.

Bang For Your Buck

Soccer cleats are not cheap and with the way the market is going will always be a big purchase. With that in mind, the $210 price for the Legend VI will seem steep. With a Legend boot, you will get a high quality cleat that will last longer than a Superfly or Obra if you take care of the leather. So if you are willing to take care of your boots, the price tag is justifiable. If you do find these on sale, grab this boot.

Who’s Wearing It?

Pirlo with Nike Tiempo Legend VI

Jerome Boateng, Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti, etc… The Tiempo Legend VI will be all over fields across the globe as it is an extremely popular boot. Expect to see some other Nike boot wearers to also play a match or two in the comfortable boot.

The Verdict

Nike Tiempo Legend VI

The Legend VI is an interesting next step for the Legend line from Nike, but it’s a great one. The more seamless feel, super-soft leather, and the classic comfort has all come together to create a winner. I can’t stop wearing the boot even as an attacking player. The Legend VI is rapidly becoming one of my favorite boots and is consistently in my bag, even after my testing period ended. Overall, the Legend VI is a great boot for any type of player.

Sizing: Ran true to size for me

Want a pair for yourself? Head over and check out the entire Tiempo lineup at today!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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