The “Backed by Messi” campaign is back with another video to show us a deeper glimpse into the lives of the ten players chosen for the special adidas idea. If you are unfamiliar with the move, check out the earlier videos…or, just know that Messi/adidas chose ten players to wear the Messi 15.1 because the players are considered to be rising stars on the adidas roster. Will they rise to the challenge of wearing Messi’s signature boot?

In the opening portion of the video, we see Messi talking about when he started to realize that he was becoming dedicated to the world’s game. This is followed by some of the “Backed by Messi” players beginning to show glimpses into their childhood and the days when they realized that they had the potential to become more than just an average player. The common thread is that they all decided at a very young age to start putting in the extra time and work that it takes to become a star on the global stage. A definite testament to how long some of these players have been working to become one of the best.

The players then begin to talk about how they always try to put in that extra bit of work during training to separate themselves from the competition (not to mention some sweet training ground free-kicks worth watching). Just like their stories about when they chose to start putting extra time in as a kid, their passion for their extra work on the training ground is obvious.

The last bit of the video shows the players on their way to matches. Some of them have some really intense pre-game rituals (Zardes talks bout doing some ab workouts…because…yeah…everybody loves working out their core before running for 90 minutes), and it’s always funny to hear someone say “I’m not superstitious” right before they talk about something that they do before every single match (without fail). We then get a few flashes of in-match performances from these players, and it will be interesting to see how adidas uses the 10 players now that Messi is healthy again.

If any of the 10 get injured and they want to find someone to snag and wear the Messi boots that has none of the qualifications of the other ten, I would gladly volunteer…

Backed By Messi: Episode One


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