?Indoor SoccerWhether it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or some other weather aspect that prevents you from enjoying a normal FG pitch, Nike have presented you with a fantastic option for any surface.  Although we already have reviews up for the 24/7 collection from Nike, we definitely wanted to create a quick way for you to be able to choose which boots you need depending on what type of surface you find yourself playing on.  The one thing I can safely say before we get into what boot for what surface is that all of these boots have an amazing level of comfort and they are all made out of quality materials.

If you find yourself playing on turf: Luckily, all of the 24/7 collection could be used on turf.  When playing on turf, the one big no-no would be wearing any type of FG or SG boot on the surface.  However, with the entirety of the 24/7 collection, they all would provide relatively decent traction on that surface.  The best choice for turf or any other artificial grass surface would be the Nike Bomba Finale II.  With the outsole set-up and the rugged construction that Nike have surrounded the NikeSkin with (including some abrasion resistant material on the inside part of the toe-box), this boot will definitely give you the longest life on artificial grass.  It will also provide a little bit better traction because of the other two 24/7 boots having a flat outsole.

One of the biggest improvements for the new Bomba is that there are no plastic studs on the bottom.  This means that, if it is allowed, you could use this boot on multiple surfaces.  The boot will also break in very quickly and the lightweight construction will help avoid the unbearable heat that typical turf shoes seem to bring with them.  As of this moment, the Bomba Finale II is easily the top turf-specific boot currently available.

If you find yourself playing on a court surfaceWhen we talk about a court surface, we typically mean playing in a gym or on a smooth gym-like surface.  With this surface, you really couldn’t go wrong with the Lunar Gato…but, the ultimate shoe for these surfaces will be the new Elastico Finale II.  With the short-sided game that typically takes place in the gym, you need to be quick on your feet with really sharp succinct passes.  The Elastico will allow you to be all of those things.  The NikeSkin upper makes every touch feel like you can caress the ball into doing whatever you please, and the boot is so light that it’s the closest thing to a lightweight boot for anyone involved with the indoor game.

The new Elastico is nothing like the old one, but you can find the original Elastico Finale for a great price over on SoccerPro.com if you feel interested.  For me, the new Elastico Finale is the pride of the 24/7 collection and it is a shoe that the rest of the world will be hoping to catch back up with.  Couple it with the fact that the colors will have you standing out BIG-TIME and this is a fantastic option.

If you find yourself playing anywhere: This is where the LunarGato II comes in.  If you find yourself at a tennis court or in a street, the type of surface that tends to be a little bit rough and the type of surface where you would normally just try and wear a normal pair of street shoes, then you will love the LunarGato.  While the other members of the 24/7 would never be confused for a shoe meant for everyday wear, the Gato will be at home sitting at a desk, running on a track, lounging on the couch, sleeping in a hammock, or playing some footy anywhere!  The goat leather upper and the Hyperfuse on the back half of the shoe create a fantastic touch on the ball and the toe-box has been lowered a little bit from the original Lunar Gato to help with the striking of the ball, making a truly fantastic boot!

The Lunar will definitely be a part of my go-to gear for a long time.  Considering how much Nike have shifted this boot so that it can be footy-ready and look like a shoe that has serious tennis shoe styling, it is surprising that it is priced at a fairly competitive $89.99.

The entire 24/7 Collection is worth consideration but this list hopefully has helped you make a decision on your next short-side boot.  Make sure you head over to our friends at SoccerPro.com and snag one of these amazing shoes today!