Mercurial Dragonfly

new nike mercurial superfly/ vapor "dragonfly"

Layered for Speed

Nike seem to be taking a U-turn from the last version of the Mercurial with the Vapor Dragonfly 14 and the Superfly 8. When you take a look back at the now previous generation of the Mercurial series you notice that there is a focus on a one-piece construction for the upper and a split soleplate. Both of these features were updated for the new iteration. There are now 7 highlighted tech features that blend together to create a new type of speed.


The big inspo for the new Merc is based on the composition of a dragonfly’s wings. Nike has decided to combine several lightweight layers, cutting weight and focusing on the structure and reinforcement. And just as you can see through a dragonfly’s wing, the transparent upper allows you to see through the shoe in places.

Nike mercurial dragonfly blog image

Blueprint for Speed

Nike has laid out all the new technology on the insole of the shoe and they are numbered on the upper for the debut model of the Mercurial Dragonfly. Here are brief summaries of all the new features:

Merc Dragonfly insert01. Avail Q Lining

This is one of the composite materials that make up the brand new Vaporposite Upper. 4 layers, one awesome touch.

 02. Speed Band

A lightweight band between the toe and the rest of the upper.

 03. Vamp Lining

Lining on the forefoot area that adds structure while still providing a barefoot feel.

 04. Toe Reinforcer

This one is kinda self-explanatory (and maybe the coolest name). A section of material that adds support to the toe area.

 05. Speed Collar Package

This is the heel section that sits right under the Flyknit. It locks down and supports the heel.

 06. Speed Wings

Aerodynamic blades that create airflow around the shoe. A tech feature found on supercars and jets.

 07. Flyknit

The last feature is one that we are used to seeing in Nike tech, Flyknit. Flyknit is used on the upper around the laces and tongue area for comfortable support.




Final Recap

The new Mercurial Dragonfly shoe is a testament to Nike’s mindset of always innovating and finding new technology to boost performance. The 2021 Merc keeps the Mercurial DNA while always continuing to push the boundaries of soccer technology.

What do you think? And which tech feature are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!