Adidas showed off their first set of new boot colour ways of the season last week, now it is Nike’s turn. And in true Nike style, they are not being quiet about it. In fact, Nike are releasing a brand new set of colourways that are certainly not for the faint at heart. After the classy ‘stealth pack’ of boots released during the summer, Nike are taking their new colourways to the other end of the colour spectrum with the aptly named ‘Hi-Vis boot collection. The Instep has everything you need to know about the new Nike Hi-Vis collection.

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What does ‘Hi-Vis’ mean? It is all about standing out on the pitch, being the centre of attention and pushing all the boundaries. Players such as Neymar, Eden Hazard, Wayne Rooney and Iniesta do just that, week in, week out. But this time around, they will be doing it all with boots that command attention in all conditions. Are you ready for Hi-Vis? The new Hi-Vis Nike collection will be available to pre-order on the 16th of September, with a full retail launch anticipated on September the 20th. Check out all the new colourways below.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX – Electro Purple/Lime Green/Black

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The words ‘flashy’ and ‘Vapor IX’ are two words that are strung together on a pretty regular basis, which is why it is surprising that out of the 4 new colourways Nike are releasing as part of the Hi-Vis collection, the Vapor IX is arguably the colourway that is the boot that stands out the least. Either way, we think Nike have hit the right buttons when it comes to the Electro Purple/Lime Green/Black Vapor IX, one that I quietly expect to be the most popular colourway out of the new boots Nike are launching as a part of their Fall collection.

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The new electro purple Vapor IX features a snug fit to lock your foot into place for instant acceleration and a lightweight microfiber Teijin upper with speed control technology for optimal control (that’s all the dimples on the upper). It is important to note that the boot will not come with the leather grain Teijin synthetic upper option. Instead, Nike will be releasing the next instalment of the CR7 series of Mercurials with the leather grain option, and that will be dropped in the next month or so.

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom – Electro Purple/Volt/Black

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With a trifecta of black colourways under it’s belt, Nike have changed things up a bit in going for a bright Electro Purple/Volt/Black colourway for the Hypervenom Phantom. Nike want their new range of boots to command attention, and the clash of electro purple and volt will make the Hypervenom is a difference to smooth look of the Mercurial. This is the first major colourway update for the Hypervenom Phantom, which features the new Nikeskin which enables a closer, more natural feel for the ball, as well as a split-toe plate and stud configuration that have been made for agility.

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Interestingly, Nike have divided their boots into two ‘macro’ silos. While we have the 4 standard boot silos (speed, attack, control and touch), Nike have further divided the new boot colourways into being either ‘attack’ or ‘create’ boots, with the Hypervenom and Mercurial belonging to the ‘attack’ range and the CTR and Tiempo rounding up the ‘create’ range. This division is also evident in the colours Nike have implemented onto their boots, with purple being the primary colour of the two ‘attack’ boots and volt being generously used on the ‘create’ boots. It is a little thing we have not seen before from Nike, but it is an interesting aspect that should be noted.

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Nike CTR360 Maestri III – Volt/Black/Green Glow

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The Nike CTR360 Maestri III generally comes out in colours that are relatively conservative and cautious, but it seems that thought has been thrown out the window when it comes to the new Hi-Vis CTR360 Maestri in the new Volt/Black/Green Glow colourway. Nike are definitely thinking outside the box with the new volt CTR colourway, Nike always like to play it safe with the CTR360, so it will be interesting to see how popular the new colourway will be amongst the pros.

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While Nike have never intended the CTR to be the brightest boot out on the pitch, they have taken a slightly different direction with the colourways released for the CTR III compared to what they did with the CTR II. Nike generally stuck with a template of two-block colourways on the CTR360 II, with one of those colours generally being black or white. Nike have been more adventurous with the CTR360 III, with avenues such as green, blue and (now) volt being explored. We always love a bit of colour and creativity, and it could be an attempt by Nike to perhaps aim the CTR360 to younger boot wearers.

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Nike Tiempo Legend IV – Volt/Black/Green Glow

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The Nike Tiempo Legend IV is a heritage boot? You would not think so with the bold Volt/Black/Green Glow Nike Tiempo Legend IV. The Tiempo is usually home to classic colour combinations, but if we said Nike thought outside of the box with the new CTR360 colourway, they have gone out of this world with their thinking when it came to the Tiempo! We have never seen volt used as a primary colour on the Tiempo before, making this arguably the brightest Tiempo we have ever seen.

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The days are numbered for the Nike Tiempo Legend IV, as we are anticipating the new Nike Tiempo Legend V to be released in either late 2013 or early 2014. This could in fact be the final colourway for the Tiempo Legend IV, and Nike are definitely letting the boot go out with a bang if this is the final release colourway of the Tiempo IV. Like the Tiempo IV, the Tiempo V will use one type of material for the upper of the boot and a different material through the midfoot. However, we are not sure whether K-Leather will make an appearance on the Tiempo V. Either way, it is a release we cannot wait for…

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What is your favourite colourway out of Nike’s new 4-silo boots? Are you looking to get a pair of boots from Nike’s new Hi-Vis collection? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.