Nike has been doing an incredible job of releasing packs that are made specifically for the ladies over the past year. It all started with the women’s World Cup Pack that was made in colorways for women and in women’s sizes. The new Radiant Reveal Pack was no different with some soft but bold colorways being released along side the men’s Radiant Reveal pack. The women’s pack features all of the same technology that the men’s does, so if you’re reaching for a top of the line shoe, you don’t have to snag a men’s pair.

Let’s focus on the Women’s Hypervenom Phantom II in this extremely vibrant colorway. Nike have slapped on a greenish/blue colorway that features Rage Green, which goes down into a Ghost Green and then turns into a Hyper Turquoise colorway on the soleplate and the crackled pattern that has been on every Hypervenom colorway. The Rage Green color almost appears a soft yellow in bright light and more of a lime in normal lighting.

Women's Hypervenom Phantom - Radiant Reveal

The Nike swoosh is a standard White colorway to add a bit of contrast to the boot. Of course on the Phantom 2 the main thing that sticks out is the Dynamic Fit collar. The collar is designed to have your foot and leg feel seamless inside the cleats, in other words, the boot should feel like an extension of your leg rather than a pair of cleats you put on.

The upper is still made of Nikeskin like the first generation, but it is much thicker and made to be more durable since the Phantom I had some serious problems in that department. Flywire cables are implanted inside of the upper to help lock your foot in tightly to minimize any amount of slippage inside the shoe. The soleplate is more or less the same as on the Phantom 1 with an all-conical shaped stud pattern with a split toe design to help with the fit.

What your thoughts on the Women’s Radiant Reveal Pack Hypervenom Phantom II? Let us know and check out the Hypervenom Phantom range over at today!


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