Once again, in this monumental World Cup run-up, Puma have reminded us why they are the perfect brand for Mario Balotelli as they have executed a very Balotelli-esque move with their new Tricks line of their boots. For the upcoming World Cup, the evoPOWER and evoSPEED will be given a paint-job that has one boot in bright pink (the right boot) and one boot in bright blue (the left boot). While outlandish upon first viewing, this type of set-up is one of those things that we cannot believe has not been done sooner!

puma tricks 2014

The ideology behind this is that all of the Puma players actually want to draw attention on the pitch and that they want to stand out. The pressure? Bring it on. The criticism? Bring it on. The adoration? BRING IT ON! As all of the Puma player’s teams strive towards football’s most prestigious trophy, they want to be the player to stand out and make their mark on World Cup history.

puma tricks evopower

Not surprisingly, Balotelli loves the idea: “I have to be honest, the first time I saw the Tricks boots, I thought the PUMA guy was mad. But when I realized he wasn’t, I was already excited. The evoPOWER looks cool in these special colors it is definitely unique. And in the end, it is exactly the reason why I chose to be with PUMA, they dare to be different and everyone knows that I do as well.” Will Super Mario get the on-pitch time to be different? With these boots on, we certainly hope so.

puma tricks evospeed

While other members of the Puma stable were also vocal in their praise for the boots, it really only feels to fit with Balotelli’s known history. It will be very interesting to see players like Fabregas, Aguero, Cazorla, and Reus lacing up in mis-matched boots…but we certainly welcome the bravery of these players to do so!

As we mentioned earlier, this seems like a brilliant idea that we are surprised no other company has attempted before. As all the brands will hope to bring quick attention to their boots as fans watch the World Cup on TV, Puma’s boots will be extremely easy to recognize. Our only possible issue, which might be rectified once we see the boots, is the Easter egg pink and blue that have been chosen. Still, after having tested the evoPOWER and fallen absolutely in love, we have no reason to doubt the genius of the cat!



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