Puma have just launched a special design for their evoSPEED 1.2 soccer shoes. The next generation of evoSPEED boot from PUMA is sure to offer some of the most innovative technology once it hits the market in the coming months. That said, this sick colorway is highly limited, and as a result, it will only appear on the field with their signature players Falcao and Aguero. There hasn’t been much information coming out of PUMA on the technical specs of their new speed boot, but if its anything like the previous evoSPEED it should be something special.

The evoSPEED has always featured a lightweight construction and ultra-thin synthetic upper and these crazy looking soccer shoes are no different. While also available in the more popular kangaroo leather, the evoSPEED has proven to be a durable lightweight boot during the 2012/13 season. This particular color way is based on the Ishihara test for color blindness featuring different shades of red and pink used to test what size of the red spectrum of light you can see. For most people, this will give the boots a white background with red and pink dots, but not for everyone. Some people will see all the dots as red, other will see gray dots, if that happens to you, you may be colorblind.

At any rate, the CAMO patterning on the boots looks sharp, and with the rest of the technology included on the sole plate including the mixed bladed and rounded studs, these boots are sure to perform at a top level on the pitch.


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