With the weather getting progressively colder and it becoming more and more difficult to convince your friends to brave the temperatures for some outdoor soccer, it becomes absolutely necessary to snag all the best bits of gear for indoor soccer. While the type of soccer ball that you use can vary with indoor soccer (some choose to stick with normal size 5’s, some choose tennis-ball-esque indoor style balls, and others choose the futsal ball), most of my indoor happenings occur with a futsal ball being the main choice. So, this winter, Select sent out the absolute best in terms of futsal balls available on the market: the Select Futsal Super.

IN terms of a futsal ball, there are always a few things you look for. First, can it hold up to being used primarily on one of the most damaging surfaces involved in soccer. Second, does it take the “low-bounce” a bit too seriously and feel like a lead weight? And, third, is it an enjoyable piece of gear to play with?

Before we get into all of that, the Select Super Futsal is not adorned with anything crazy. In fact, it resembles more lower-tier brands and balls than the stuff we see involved in the upper echelon. Once you get to know Select as a brand, it really shows that the company puts 98% of their focus into the product and how it performs. The way a product looks has zero bearing on its performance, but we want you to know exactly what you are getting here.

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In terms of durability, the Futsal Super is created to perform at the highest level and stands up to a ton of abuse. Where we tested the ball involves turf, indoor walls, and the occasional incident with the jagged edge of some steel ceiling beams. After being tested by us, we even left the ball at the indoor facility in order for the Super to get some extra “loving.” The ball still looks like it has seasons upon season of life left, and the groups that used the Super had very high opinions of the ball.

Futsal balls are made with a “low-bounce” feature that prevent the ball from acting like a pinball inside of small-sided indoor games. For some futsal balls, this creates a sensation similar to kicking a weighted medicine ball, but the Select Super finds a nice balance. While we have experiencing Select’s soccer balls to need a little extra time to “break-in,” the Super had a nice feel from first use and had a nice weight during play. It never felt like kicking a lead weight, and it had enough bounce to still get some lift on shots and would bounce enough when the ball hits the turf (and was predictable enough to volley the ball off the bounce).

We covered a bit of the enjoyment factor in the last part, but the Select Futsal Super was a joy to use. We have used other futsal balls that felt a bit more “lively,” but the Select Futsal Super gets a resounding “yes” to all of the necessary criteria for this type of ball. Go check out the Select Futsal Super and all the other gear that Select has to offer on their own site, and check out the Select gear that our good friends over at SoccerPro.com have on offer. Big thanks to Select for sending this ball down and for creating such a great product.


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