As the world gathers together for the holidays, the lab rats here at the Instep (of which I am a proud member) are busy testing all the newest releases that have hit the airwaves.  Although knee-deep in a Copa vs Premier comparison that should be wrapping up soon, I could not pass up the brand new Tiempo V release to see what Nike have done to one of their most heralded boot silos.  Considering Nike have not taken a wrong turn with the Tiempo since its inception, the V has big boots to fill (pun intended).  How does the V stack up?

After a short amount of time with the newest Nike release, we are not yet prepared to offer our full verdict on the new Nike boot, but we are ready to let everyone know what to expect with this new release from the football giant.

Tiempo 3 edited

The first thing to note for anyone looking to snag the Tiempo V will definitely have to be the sizing.  Although wider in the midfoot than past versions, this boot has a tight fitting toe-box and may require you to snag a half-size up!  Although, for me, I went true to size and have been happy with how the boot fits after the initial stretch of the leather.  Sadly, this is one of those boots where heading to your local store and trying it on first might be the way to go…but if you do not have that option, my first choice would be snagging true to size.

The Tiempo V, despite a tight fitting first few hours, is still following the Tiempo model of being incredibly comfortable.  The stitching on the toe-box and the decision to retain kangaroo leather has helped keep this boot amazingly comfortable and also gives a fantastic touch on the ball.  The new hypershield tech coupled with the amazing kanga-lite on the back half of the boot also shows me why Nike is still out in front of the pack with synthetics.  I definitely love the combo and feel that Nike have definitely improved the upper of the boot instead of just releasing a small update.


The soleplate looks dangerously similar to the IV’s, but once you get the boot in your hands and on your feet, then you see a definitely difference.  The studs are still mostly conical, but they have a more aggressive feel and have an added toe stud that Nike seems to be moving towards with most of their FG patterns.  In fact, the pattern seems almost identical to the HyperVenom with only slight changes (notice the little raised curve through the middle…almost identical to the Venom).

Keep an eye out for the full review in the next few weeks, but I definitely feel like the Tiempo V is a fantastic outing for the silo and for Nike.  Considering that Nike will probably stick with the Tiempo V for as long as they stuck with the IV, they have given us a great product to enjoy over that amount of time.  Side note, the reflective color looks AMAZING!


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