adidas Primeknit FS

After setting my alarm for far too early in the morning and risking looking like a fully functioning adult by rising before the sun comes up, I was completely prepared to witness Nike knock the “socks” (see what I did there) off of their competitors. And what to my wandering eyes should appear, but adidas striking first and showing off their gear! With only a few mere hours until Nike drops the long-awaited Magista and shows us a boot that will be hyped for almost three whole months before we are actually able to purchase it, adidas completely threw down the World Cup boot barrage gauntlet by showing off their own version of a boot/sock combo. Our reaction: this…is…AWESOME!

Although the adidas boot (Primeknit FS) is pictured with the year 2014 underneath it, it would surprise me if the Three Stripes were able to actually get this product out on the market before the end of this year. It seems like a product that is only in the testing phase and, unless they plan on every Primeknit product to be very limited, moving a concept like what we have seen into full production mode so quickly might see this big swing by adidas ending up being a full-on whiff. However, considering how much hype and build-up Nike has given to their own boot/sock, seeing adidas play a little bit dirty and steal some of Nike’s glorified air is FANTASTIC!

For anyone that has on fanboy goggles and only seems to enjoy one brand, let me break down why this is so great. True competition between brands is how great innovations and products are created. The business world’s “anything you can do, I can do better,” will ultimately lead to us experiencing products that would have either taken much longer to produce or might never have been produced at all! Heck, if Nike or adidas decided to plummet their prices about $50, the other brand would have to follow suit or risk losing a huge chunk of their business! Considering that this bout is already getting very heated with the World Cup and several other big releases still months away, it bodes VERY well for the near future of football boots.

Nike Magista

So, which boot are you now more excited about? The adidas Primeknit FS or the Nike Magista? Also, do you think adidas will make the Primeknit FS a real release or will they still try and keep a limited number on their newest creations? (If you only release a few, it will be harder for the general public to find flaws within your product…just a thought) Personally, this type of brand battle is making me super excited for the rest of 2014! BRING IT ON!!!!


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