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There are three things every player wants out of their soccer boots: excellent traction, comfortable fit, and responsive ball control. Textured striking areas that are engineered to maximize spin and improve ball feel are all the rage these days, with every major manufacturer producing their own design. New for 2020, famed German company adidas® has introduced the very latest textured toe/striking area technology. Dubbed Demonskin, and available on the adidas Predator 20 Mutator silo, this cutting-edge tech is deliberately crafted to provide ultra-responsive grip on key contact points.

According to Ben Herath, adidas Football Design Director, “For 2020, we wanted to unleash Predator to a new generation. We knew that we had to create something completely different; go beyond evolution and deliver new innovation, something that would intimidate opponents.”

Demonskin, combined with the Predator 20 Mutator’s lightweight build, hybrid studs, and Sockfit collar, makes these soccer cleats some of the most advanced footwear to ever see action on the pitch.

The Latest Evolutionary LeapPredator_Grass_hp-graphic

Not just a simple evolution; a huge leap forward. Since 1994, with the exception of a brief hiatus, the Predator silo has been leading the pack in terms of football boot design. Whereas some models represent a slight improvement over the previous year’s designs, other boots change the playing field dramatically.

Demonskin is a great example of an evolutionary leap, centered around state-of-the-art tech. Created by a computer algorithm that took a massive amount of data and designed the perfect placement for each textured stud, Demonskin is true innovation.

Not Just for Attackers

Predators have a reputation for being elite cleats for attackers and offensively-minded midfielders. There’s just something about the aggressiveness of the Predator Mutator design that screams, “Attack, Attack!!” But let’s be real, every position on the pitch wants better ball control and a more natural responsive touch. Because of this, the newest adidas Predators are common for players of any position.

Demonskin, the tech that makes these cleats so revolutionary, is also available on goalkeeper gloves. The same texturing that improves your shot control will help the keeper spin the perfect pass to their teammate.