Nike EPL Saber ball

The Nike Saber features a few unique aspects to the ball that make the ball one that I believe offers a great playing experience. The Nike Saber is the “second-tier” Nike ball with the top level being the Nike Ordem 2 official match ball.

The Look: 5/5

The Saber features the same design on the upper except for the yellow lines that look like panels on the EPL Ordem 2. The Ordem also has a lighter blue look about it within the navy blue that is found on the ball and the Saber stays darker in that area. The EPL logo on the ball is in all gold and, in my personal opinion, it looks fantastic. The white base of the ball helps the different shades of blue on the ball stand out when on the field. The Nike Swoosh on the ball is a lighter shade of blue that resembles the sky blue found on Manchester City home kits. The design of the ball looks classy and the EPL version is personally my favorite design of any ball that has released in the last two years.

Nike Saber ball

Nike EPL Saber

Technical Aspects/ Durability: 4.5/5

The Saber features a thermally bonded, tight seam construction, so that panels align more consistently and prevent the damaging effects of moisture saturation over time. Essentially what you are getting is a very durable and long lasting soccer ball. The premium polyurethane cover on the Saber offers a strong and durable outer layer so that you can keep playing with the Saber for seasons to come. The ball is white so it will get dirty very quickly and will pick up some very visible scuffs but it does not affect the performance of the ball.

Nike Ordem EPL soccer ball

Nike EPL Ordem

The Ordem 2 features a micro textured surface, which Nike says equalizes surface airflow for better control. Other aspects that make the Ordem 2 a top ball and sets it apart from the Saber are: Cross-linked nitrogen expanded foam casing for long lasting shape retention, a compressed polyethylene layer stores energy and releases it when launched or kicked, and the ball is perfectly spherical which allows it to “fly faster, farther, and more accurately” according to Nike. Overall, the Ordem 2 is an official match ball because it features all of the latest technology and a textured surface, which explains why the Ordem 2 has a $150 dollar retail price.

Bang For Your Buck: 5/5

The Saber offers a retail price of $40 dollars. The quality and durability you receive with the Nike Saber makes the $40 dollar price a great deal. The Nike Saber is not at a match ball level but is a great ball for any soccer player needing a long lasting and quality soccer ball. You can pick up a great deal on the Saber on for only $35.99.


The Nike Saber is a ball that I can personally put my stamp of approval on and one that I highly recommend. The ball is a great training ball and a durable one at that. It does not feature the micro texturing like that on the Nike Ordem 2 but the feel and quality of the ball can be felt as soon as you hit the pitch with it. I have rigorously tested the durability of the ball and I can say besides a few scuffs on the ball that it has held up great and it will be a reliable for a long time.

4 / 5 stars     

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