The Nike Mercurial Superfly SG Pro in Volt/Hyper Pink is bright and stunning. The Highlight Pack colorway is a one of the most distinct shoes that you will find on the market today. Nike has always done a great job of finding unique hues to introduce with their products.

The soft ground version of the Superfly IV is identical to the firm ground boot in all capacities, except of course, the stud configuration. If you want to check out a more detailed review on the FG version, my man Andrew has your fix.

Nike Mercurial Superfly SG Pro

The SG Pro Superfly is a modern mix-sole take on the classic SG stud pattern. The SG Pro stud configuration includes 6 metal studs (2 in the heel, 4 in the forefoot) combined with carbon fiber blade studs that are there to support the boot while changing direction.

Nike includes a stud tool with all of their SG boots. While unboxing you will find a set of SG studs already on the boots. Those will be your 13mm/11mm combination. A second set of 15mm/13mm SG studs will also come with Nike’s Mercurial Superfly IV’s. They provide a more aggressive approach to the SG Pro configuration for harsh conditions.

Nike Mercurial SG Pro studs and tool

Superfly soft ground sole plate

If you are an aspiring player that wants to make the ranks in the professional game or you find yourself traveling often for games, it would be my suggestion to invest in a pair of SG boots. It is always handy to have a longer length stud configuration for a muddy/wet/rainy match day. It is always comforting to know that I have a pair of shoes waiting for me if the conditions call for it.

I watched a game this weekend that was played on a soft ground surface that was watered during pregame and at halftime. I lost count of how many players I saw slipping and sliding across the field because they did not have the proper stud lengths on. And they are professionals!

The majority of people are not playing on professionally groomed soccer fields, nor do they have the funds to splash for both soft ground and firm ground in one season. If you have an older pair of FG shoes that can last you the next season, I would recommend trying a pair with the SG Pro configuration.

Its always better to be scoring, than slipping.


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