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Nike Mercurial Superfly

Nike Mercurial Superfly cleats from are some of the most advanced football boots on the market today. A cutting-edge Vaporposite and Vapornet material and a battle-tested Flyknit along the collar and throat of the shoe to provide a lockdown fit that will keep your heel from sliding inside your boot. The Aerotrak 2 footplate has a redesigned stud configuration dedicated to improved multi-directional acceleration and stopping. The Mercurial Superfly is available in a variety of eye-catching styles.

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1–20 of 32 results

Get a Grip on Victory with Nike Mercurial Superfly

You need great grip on the pitch to secure victory for your team. There’s no wonder pros like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, and Erling Haaland wear the new Mercurial Superfly; these cleats simply provide incredible traction on natural grass surfaces. Nike has specially designed the Mercurial Superfly’s Aerotrak 2 footplate and stud arrangement to provide extra grip while accelerating, braking, and moving laterally. The Nike Aerotrack 2 zone with micro grooves and chevron studs will help keep you upright, whether you’re fighting for the equalizer, or locking down on D to preserve a lead.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 – Built for Speed & Agility

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 soccer cleats continue to be a popular option, but the Superfly 8 is taking center stage. If your game is built on speed, you want the Nike Superfly 8 on your feet. Both cleats feature the Dynamicfit collar, Flyknit upper along the collar and throat, and Vaporposite and Vapornet material. If you’ve reached a plateau in your performance on the pitch, a new pair of boots may be in order. For unrivaled agility, superior touch, and a snug, yet comfortable fit, the Mercurial Superfly line from Nike is a smart choice.

Enjoy Fast Shipping & Simple Returns

Fit matters when it comes to cleats. Browse new Nike Mercurial cleats for sale at, and find the look that fits with your attitude and playing style. Lightning-fast shipping and simple returns make it easy to find the boot that best fits your foot. Wear your new cleats around the house and see how they feel. If they’re less than perfect, exchange them for another style. With the right fit, you’ll feel like your Mercurial Superfly is an extension of your body. Play like a superstar in elite footwear from

Here are some other perks to these top-of-the-line cleats:

Avail Q Lining
Speed Band
Vamp Lining
Toe Reinforcer
Speed Collar Package
Speed Wings
Flyknit along the collar and throat for an adaptable fit

Lead your team to victory this season. Check out more Nike soccer cleats from

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Product Reviews

 Great! As Usual

Alex Lee, Kamuela, HI
Nike Mercurial CR7 Superfly FG Soccer Cleats – Black & Total Crimson
I have been using superfly for about 8 months, and it was great! People say that their sole plate broke, shoelaces are easily cut, or the dynamic fit collar just rips off, but I never had those problems! Definitely recommended, and this colour is also dope! One problem would be during break in time, u might get some blisters on your heels, but the boot wil pay you off by its sock-like feel and awesomeness!

 My son is LOVING these!

Heidi, Farmington, MO
Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats – Electric Green
I can’t tell you how pleased my son is with these cleats! He’s been playing for nearly 11 years and these by far are the best cleats he says he’s ever used. And SoccerPro is amazing! We ordered these on Thursday with free, economy shipping (8-10 days), but got them two days later on a Saturday with his first game of the season scheduled for Monday. Talk about one happy teenage boy!!

Frequently Asked

Q: Are your cleats real?
A: Yes. All of our footwear is legit and come fresh from manufacturers.

Q: Does Cristiano Ronaldo really wear these?
A: Yes. Cristiano Ronaldo rocks the Mercurial Superfly’s and I must admit; we’re pretty partial of them ourselves.

Q: Do these cleats fit true to size?
A: Yes. There’s no need to adjust your normal footwear size.

Q: How much does the Nike Mercurial Superfly weigh?

A: A US size 9 registers 7.05 oz on our scale.. Which is 0.43 lbs.. Sooo very light!

Mercurial 360
The plush feel of the Mercurial 360 can also be attributed to further advancements in Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. Previously, ACC was applied on top of the finished Flyknit product, creating a thin layer. Now, ACC is embedded into the yarns prior to knitting, eliminating the additional skin without compromising the performance benefit. The result is a matte finish on a texturized upper that is softer to the touch but can still battle the elements.

Traction is provided by precisely placed studs in the forefoot and heel. Nike’s designers got their inspiration from agile cheetahs and focused on traction at speed, leading to the minimalist approach they have affectionately referred to as the cheetah paw.

It’s been 20 years of Mercurial and the guys at Nike have given the latest Mercurial a clean aesthetic with a small forefoot Swoosh and a bold ?M? on the heel.
On the Mercurial Superfly, the Dynamic Fit Collar takes on a lower cuff, similar to the modified version Cristiano Ronaldo has preferred in recent seasons. Both the Superfly and Vapor versions of Mercurial 360 feature a soft, playable material as part of the effort to improve your soccer performance.

2016 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly V
Innovation: Nike Flyknit “speed rib” 3D texture & single-layer anatomical sole plate chassis. Complements of a vacuum forming process to hollow out the soleplate & virtual Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing for data-informed stud shaping, positioning, & texture mapping

Evolution: Another Fundamental Redesign that Advances the Mercurial Vision

Revolution: Science-backed, Data-informed Footwear Design & Engineering

Resolution: Increased braking ability, propulsion, traction, stability, flexibility, & maximized energy return by reducing pressure-point irritations while making it lighter and more natural fitting

2014 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV
Innovation: Nike Flyknit Technology, Brio Cables, Nikeskin, & Dynamic Fit Collar

Evolution: Fundamental Redesign Advanced the Mercurial Vision

Revolution: Designed Solutions

Resolution: Increased stability, traction, flexibility. Helped players more efficiently transmit power through the ground while reducing the weight and offering a more natural fit.

2011 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III
Innovation: Redesigned Superfly II to advance the boots performance

Evolution: Reengineered Superfly II Upper

Revolution: Additional Lace-hole & Custom Fitting Service

Resolution: Made the boot more comfortable and natural fitting by increasing flexibility & resiliency.

2010 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II
Innovation: NIKE SENSE Adaptive Traction Technology

Evolution: Reengineered Superfly I upper & Soleplate

Revolution: Adaptable Studs & Nike Football+

Resolution: Enabled toe-off acceleration & minimized slippage during games

2009 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly
Innovation: Gradual but important updates to Mercurial Vapor line

Evolution: Reengineered Superfly II Upper

Revolution: Footwear Engineering

Resolution: Reduced material requirements while increasing durability, integrity, & support… Lighter & Stronger with an upper that adapts to motion of foot & locks it in place.

Nike Mercurial SuperFly V Review

We should be thankful that Nike takes performance as seriously as they do. Every time it seems they have perfected the modern soccer cleat, they return with another improbable innovation. [ Read more… ]

A Detailed Nike Mercurial SuperFly IV Review

With the introduction of Flyknit to soccer equipment, the world truly seemed to have entered into a new era of possibilities. An absolutely amazing creation, Flyknit has a stretch to create a flawless fit while having the structure necessary
to be used on an area that needs so much support while still allowing free movement. [ Read more… ]