Picking the best soccer cleats and shoes for you can be a truly daunting task. With all the different surfaces you can play on, specific types of outsoles, and constantly evolving game play, figuring out what boots are best for you is not as simple as it used to be. In order to make finding the perfect pair of shoes easier than ever before, we’re here to help you decipher the difference and purpose of each type of boots. 

Indoor & Futsal

Soccer is being played on a multitude of surfaces, one of which are indoor and court surfaces. Futsal in particular is played on courts and streets, which means you need a pair of boots that will help you stay stable and ready for action on a trickier surface. 

These indoor shoes are designed with a rubber outsole that has a smoother and less rigid sole surface than any other boots. Also, this rubber outsole is harder than typical running shoes. Designed to be used on gym floors and hard dry surfaces, these boots are harder in nature to give you more dynamic support all season long. 


With the rise in popularity of the game, the number of surfaces to play on is also growing. One of the most popular surfaces, especially in the youth game is artificial turf. This artificial surface can be extremely slick, unstable, and tricky to play on. 

However, these artificial turf boots have been designed to ensure that you are stable on an otherwise unstable surface. Engineered with a hard rubber outsole, similar to Indoor boots, also include hard rubber ridges. These ridges work to keep your feet stable and ready to make quick cuts and speedy moves easier than ever. 

Firm Ground



Unlike Indoor and Turf surfaces, firm ground boots are meant to be played on the traditional surfaces of the game. Meant to be played on grass, these boots are engineered with the most technologically advanced sole plates to ensure that your game has no limits. 

Each brand has their own uniquely designed sole plates for firm ground surfaces, but with each design there is one thing in common, studs specifically designed for grass. While stud patterns are constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of athletes, they are designed to give you enhanced stability and multidirectional traction. With a multitude of stud designs, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for easy take off. 

Terms and Names

One tricky part of picking boots is deciphering the acronyms and small terms that follow their names. In order to better understand and decipher the difference, we’re going to lay out the specifics so making that choice is one step easier. 


  • adidas – IN, Sala
  • Nike – IC, Lunargato, Streetgato
  • PUMA – IT, Court


Firm Ground:

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pair of boots, but weren’t sure which boots are the perfect pair for you, hopefully we have provided you with a little bit of clarity. Picking the right sole plate and design for your game shouldn’t have to be so difficult. Now that you have the guide to the perfect boots, don’t hesitate,  grab your perfect pair at SoccerPro today!