New year, new gear. Whether you’re a gear-head who compulsively purchases the latest designs, or just need to replace your trusty old ball after many seasons of play, there are certainly a lot of soccer balls on the market. Lucky for you, the experts at The Instep have inside info on the latest ball designs from every top manufacturer. Practice your skills and make the all-state team, or simply enjoy a pickup game at your local park. With a great ball, any spare minute can be practice time.

What Makes a Premium Soccer Ball?

An elite ball is durable, holds its internal air pressure and shape, provides a consistent flight, and offers a responsive swerve. Of course, there are many different types and sizes of balls, and it’s important you select the right one for your field type and age group. In our list, we focused on size 5 balls designed for play on standard firm ground natural grass fields. Here’s our list:

adidas® Winter Uniforia Pro Official Match Soccer Ball – Euro 2020

If you’re a serious athlete with money to spend, adidas soccer balls are where it’s at. Though this popular German brand makes a ton of elite designs, one of the best is the Euro 2020 Winter Uniforia Pro Official Match Soccer Ball. It features a durable rubber bladder, thermally bonded seamless construction, and is FIFA® Quality Pro certified.

Select® Brilliant Super Premium Match Soccer Ball

Another pro-quality match ball from Select soccer balls, the Select Brilliant Super Premium Match Soccer Ball is a 32-panel design that features a premium Teijin microfiber synthetic-leather cover and a Zero Wing latex bladder for a lively bounce and a soft touch.

Nike® Team Strike Pro Team Soccer Ball

epl soccer ball

epl soccer ball

Nike soccer balls are also some of the best on the market. The Team Strike Pro will give you an exceptional bang for the buck. A fraction of the cost of the high-end adidas and Select balls, this design features a durable high-gauge computer stitched cover, a soft and responsive rubber bladder, and Nike Aerowtrac grooves for stable ball flight.

PUMA® Arsenal Camo Soccer Ball

Wherever you find adidas, you’ll find their Deutsch rivals, PUMA. PUMA soccer balls are also high-quality and popular with players of all skill levels. For 2020, the PUMA Arsenal Camo Soccer Ball might be the best fan ball around. With great playability, and striking good looks, this ball is ideal for a friendly pickup game, especially if you’re playing with Chelsea or Tottenham fans.

Brine® PHANTOM X Soccer Ball

Rounding out the list are Brine soccer balls. The Brine PHANTOM X model is another excellent, budget-friendly ball that gives more expensive balls a run for their money. The PHANTOM X has a synthetic bladder, which offers superior air pressure retention while still feeling soft and natural. With hand-stitched seams and an abrasion-resistant polyurethane cover, the PHANTOM X stands out when compared to balls available at a similar price point.