Lionel Messi with adidas Messi 10/10 boots

Ronaldo might get specific colorways. Neymar might get the same treatment. A host of players have gotten one-off specials, or a commemorative colorway for their boots or one of their achievements. However, there’s only one player in the world that currently has a silo that bears his name that is constant production: Lionel Messi, with his adidas Messi collection. The other players that get their special colors are the best players on the planet…Messi, well, he’s out of this world!

adidas Messi Pureagility Space Dust

Space Dust Pureagility

The first boot that we’re going to take a look at is Messi’s standard release, the Messi “Space Dust.” A boot that certainly takes a different direction from the X and ACE in the Stellar and Space Craft packs, the Space Dust features a predominantly dark upper with a bright green glow that starts near the bottom of the boot and extends onto the soleplate. The dark upper isn’t entirely without color as the upper is built to sparkle and shine under the lights. Much like the other Messi boots, the criss-cross pattern that runs across the upper gives the boot a very intriguing silhouette and a unique feel on the upper. After testing the Messi Pureagility and 16.1, we were impressed with how adidas improved the original Messi boot, and the 16.1 is one of our favorite current boots on the adidas roster. An extremely responsive boot with a clean touch on the ball, this colorway should garner a fair few fans to the silo!

adidas Messi Pureagility 10/10

10/10 Pureagility

However, if you’re not content with a boot just being a quality release, perhaps you need to be ridiculously limited. For that, we have a new adidas Messi 10/10 for 2016. Sadly, if these are what you’re looking for, we hate to inform you that they’ve long been sold out…so your best bet would be to hunt some down through eBay or a very lucky friend. With only 100 pairs available at a pop-up Adidas store in New York, adidas didn’t hold back with this release. The original Messi 10/10 was a classy and understated release…the 2016 version, well, we wouldn’t say the same things about this boot. A bright green covers most of the boot with a fade to black near the ankle cut, it won’t be hard to see these if they hit the pitch. Only released in the Pureagility format, it seems that adidas are setting us up to see these released annually. With the first released exclusively in Barcelona and the newest version in New York, where will 2017 see a Messi 10/10 hit the stage?

Adidas is certainly trying to take full advantage of one of their greatest assets by further developing their Messi line. Although we’re nowhere near the time to actually find out, we wonder if Messi’s boots and clothing will continue after the Argentinian wonder hangs up his boots. Until then, we’ll continue to be jealous of his skills and accolades. There might only be 100 of the 10/10 released…but there’s only one MESSI.


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