A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the idea of the ultimate Copa vs Premier comparison and began testing the two classic boots.  Then, we threw both boots into the ring and watched them duke it out for Round 1.  After the Premier emerged on top from the first round, we entered into the second round which was comprised entirely of the break-in for both boots (and we also talked about sizing).  Now, we enter into the last round between the two heritage heavyweights in which we will crown a winner.  During this round we will be taking a look at the in-game performance from both boots and compiling all three rounds to see which boot stands victorious above the other.

First: Touch/Shooting

The upper for both of these boots has been crafted from the highest quality kangaroo leather and addressing the ball with either boot benefits greatly from that.  The Premier and Copa have the same flawless feel across the upper and both boots provide the purest touch that you will find in a leather boot.  The only major difference between each upper during play was that the Premier seemed to be a bit thinner than the Copa.  Considering the only difference between these two boots are the shape of the lasts used and the branding on the upper, it is unsurprising that these boots were so similar during use.

Both fighters play it safe, worried that this fight will come down to a judge’s decision.


Copa Mundial


Nike Premier

Second: Traction/Stud Configuration

Both soleplates in the comparison can look similar at first glance, but I definitely came away with a preference for one over the other.  Before I say which, I will say that both boots provide a stud set-up that will not provide any surprises and both would never be accused of the stud “drag” that many reviewers complain about.  Also, because of the uniformity of the soleplates and the length of the studs, these boots are some of my favorite to perform simple rollovers on a ball with outside of, possibly, a pair of indoor shoes.  Still, because the Copa has stuck with rather stubby studs on the bottom of the boot, I was slipping and sliding all over when I put the Copa into use on a slightly wet pitch.  Although I experienced a small bit of insecurity with the Premier on the same day of testing, it was notably less pronounced and definitely kept me on my feet better than its counterpart.

Both fighters land solid blows, but the Premier definitely seems to handling the punishment better than the Copa.


Last: Weight/Durability

It may seem weird to combine these two into one category, but boots in the current era almost always have their weight tied directly to their durability.  With both of these boots, you should not worry about having to replace either boot after only one season.  Some people have Copas that have lasted years and the Premier seems fully capable of lasting for a long time as well.  Although both will last for a long time, the Premier brings a similar build and durable nature in a boot that is more than 3 oz. lighter!  In the boot world, some people split hairs on a mere 0.1 ounces…but three ounces on your feet or on your hand is pretty noticeable and helps the Premier feel like it has another step-up on its competitor.

The Premier seems to have energy to burn as the fight winds down, but a knockout punch seems unlikely to come before the final bell.

After the third round, and although it feels like the decision would have to go to the judges instead of being decided by knockout, there is a definite winner.  Although the similarities made it tough to see that there could actually be a winner when we started, the price difference and modern additions to the one boot have given it a big enough edge for me to declare it our heritage champion: the Nike Premier!


With a fifty dollar difference between the boots, a slightly superior fit, a better stud configuration, and a boot that is able to blend classic and modern looks without looking “old,” the Premier has every capability of fulfilling the title that it was given by Nike as the “Copa killer.”  With all that being said, the Copa is still an amazing boot and should definitely be given a chance by anyone that has ever doubted the aging giant.

Which boot would you prefer?  Do you agree with our decision?  Have you tried either of these boots?


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