Nike has unveiled the brand new lineup for the upcoming Euro 2016 and Copa America tournaments with the new Superfly V headlining the pack. Every time Nike unveils the Superfly, the Vapor always seems to take a backseat while always still offering top of the line touch and technology, The Mercurial Vapor X is set to be replaced with the Vapor XI soon and the Vapor X will become a thing of the past. What better way to send off the Vapor X than a Top 5 list of the best Vapor X colorways.

Honorable Mentions: CR7 Gala Glimmer and CR7 Silverware

CR7 Mercurial Vapor

The two that barely missed the cut but are still stunning boots in their own flashy regard. Cristiano Ronaldo receives some incredible looking colorways and Nike will translate those Superfly colorways into Vapors. While the colorways look great straight out of the box, the way the Gala Glimmer fades turns these into rather plain looking colorways with a CR7 branding. It was tough to take these out of the top 5 but sacrifices must be made.

5. Academy Pack

If you have kept up with my writing for a while now you know I am a sucker for a clean blackout. The Academy Pack Vapor X is everything you could possibly want in a blackout. The Vapor X dressed in all black will always be a popular boot. You’ll find nothing but black on the upper to stay stealthy while also having a boot that has all of the technology to dominate on the pitch. The Academy Pack was so popular it released twice and sold out both times. If you want to snag a pair of the blacked out Vapor, you may have to look on eBay now.

4. Liquid Chrome Pack

This is one that I thought looked better on the Vapor than it did on the Superfly. The Urban Lilac colorway had such an interesting tint to its purple that it grows on you the more you see it. It was not the most popular release as it was seen as an odd colorway. Even though it was not the most popular, Nike went out of the box on this one and professionals seemed to be a fan of the look as several big name players including Raheem Sterling wore the boot longer than other colorways. If you like something that will standout on pitch and look great from start to finish, take a look at the Urban Lilac colorway.

3. Metal Flash Pack

It was tough not to put this colorway in the Top 2 but it was narrowly knocked out. This colorway was of an unofficial nod to the incredibly popular Mercurial Vapor VIII colorway in the same Bright Mango color. The boot even features the same somewhat smooth and fuzzy upper that made the Vapor VIII colorway even more popular. The colorway alone puts this boot close to the top and with the addition of the customized upper that is only found on this colorway, makes for a winner in many regards. If you were able to pick this colorway up, you got a winner in my eyes.

2. CR7 Natural Diamond

The CR7 Natural diamond has a unique and stunning look for a Vapor X colorway. The mix of a royal color that fades into black in the heel area to give the appearance of a rough diamond forming into the bright star Cristiano is today. The Nike swoosh and CR7 branding is a bright silver to have the diamond appeal stand out even more. CR7 himself never wore the Vapor colorway but you could go with these if you wanted to save yourself almost $100 and still have the same look. In terms of more limited releases, this one takes the cake. But as for the number 1 spot, the CR7 fell just short.

1. Radiant Reveal Pack
Nike Mercurial Vapor - Radiant Reveal

This one wins for me, hands down, in terms a colorway that looks stunning on the Vapor and not so much the Superfly. The white base that features different brightly colored lines going around the boot. From about the lacing system down, it is all pink lines, then orange heading back, and in the heel we see Volt that really pops on the white base. Not everyone will agree as the white boot will get dirty very easily, however, the boot itself will always look stunning even with stains on the upper.

So what do you think of my list? What’s your list look like?

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