Puma have just released the lightest ever mass-produced boot on the market with the new evoSPEED SL. With the new releases and the evoSPEED 1.4 right around the corner ready to step into the spotlight, we here at The Instep thought we should compile a list of the top evoSPEED colorways of any generation to date. As always, let’s start with my honorable mentions first.

Honorable Mention: Marco Reus Tricks 1.3, Kun Aguero Tricks 1.3, World Cup Tricks 1.2, and Bob Marley evoSPEED 1

Puma evoSpeed overhead

The two evoSPEED Tricks boots that were limited to 400 pairs each. Reus’s boots were inspired by Dortmund and the children’s charity that he works closely with. Aguero’s are inspired by his boyhood club Independiente and his playing style that is that of a Rottweiler. The pink and blue Tricks boots from Puma started the Tricks craze back up again and helped Puma stand out on the pitch on such a big platform. One of the more unique color ways to date is easily the Bob Marley evoSPEED 1. The green upper even featured an image of his face on the boots! The boots were designed by his daughter Cedella Marley. If Bob Marley on a boot can’t make my top five, let’s see what did.

5. Celebrations Pack 1.2

Puma Celebration Pack evoSPEED

Made in honor of the World Cup concluding last summer, Puma released white and gold evoSPEED and evoPOWER boots. The boots have elements of pink on the right heel and blue on the left just like the World Cup Tricks colorway. The soleplate was solid black with gold studs to add to the boot’s celebratory design. Only 128 pairs were made available to the public. The mix of gold as well as keeping with the World Cup Tricks made this boot my number 5 evoSPEED to date.

4. Dragon 1.3

Instep of evoSPEED Dragon

One of the more unique colorways that was more widely available, Puma added some Japanese flair to their line up. Released alongside an evoPOWER version, the evoSPEED turned some heads with a scaly upper. The design did not deter professionals from using the boot and I really liked the way the dragon wraps around the entire cleat. The design makes you feel like you are wearing a special edition boot and demands attention on the pitch.

T-3. Collaborations Pack 1.3 (ALIFE, KITE, BAPE, COLETTE)

Puma Collaborations Pack

Image: High Snobiety

I chose a 4 pack here because I could not choose which one I liked above the others, but I know that there is too much quality in this one pack from Puma. Puma teamed up with some of the hottest street wear brands and created a shoe that represented each company as well as providing a limited edition feel to the boots. If you made me pick one out of the pack and only one, I would say the BAPE camo boot because I would have shoes that match Mario Balotelli’s camouflage Bentley.

2. F947 Ferrari 1.3

Puma evoSpeed 1.3 FG F947

Puma went all in for speed with this special edition release of the evoSPEED 1.3. Puma and Ferrari have been working partners in soccer for 6 years when these boots were unveiled and they have features that resemble the Italian cars themselves. The vented sides give the boot a faster than fast look and have brown elements that look like the leather that is found in Ferraris. Only 947 were made worldwide with the number representing 1947, which was the year the first street legal Ferrari hit the road.

1. Falcao Hublot 1.2

Puma Falcao Hublot evoSPEED w/ watch

Luxury and football meet in a beautifully collaborated boot made for charity. This special edition evoSPEED was released exactly one year ahead of the 2014 World Cup with Hublot being the official time keeper of last summer’s tournament. Falcao, Puma, and Hublot came together to create this boot for charity to help out the horrible living conditions in Falcao’s hometown. You could only receive this amazing boot if you purchased one of the 100 watches that helped raise money for charity. How much were these watches you ask? Only about $17,000 to $40,000, depending on the type of band you chose. So if you grabbed one of these boots, you received a signed boot from Falcao and a watch that will be just as exclusive as the boots.

What do you think of my list? Tell me what your favorite evoSPEED colorway is in the comments below.


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