Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Shoes

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 has the world of soccer grinning from ear to ear with it’s awesomeness. It is the hottest Vapor yet and it’s no surprise that Neymar wears these shoes and even has his signature shoes from this silo!

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1–20 of 55 results

Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite Cleats

The Mercurial has been awesome from the Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes right through the special CR7 Superfly shoes! The Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes took the world by storm and took speed boots to a level never seen before. At SoccerPro, we have them for kids too! The Youth Nike Mercurial Vapors are as good as the “oldies” version! Be sure to grab a pair of these lightweight super-shoes NOW!

The Vapor is famous for being lightweight and a total speed shoe but it’s much more than that. It’s also powerful and agile (the first Vapor shoe was even worn by Roberto Carlos!) but first and foremost Mercurial is Nike’s ‘Speed’ boot.

Vapor has had some awesome shoes (just check out the much demanded Flyknit Ultra) over time and the latest Mercurial Vapor 360 is scalding hot and cracking the whip on awesomeness. The main man for Vapor these days is the truly mercurial Brazilian, Neymar Jr.

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Mercurial 360
The plush feel of the Mercurial 360 can also be attributed to further advancements in Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. Previously, ACC was applied on top of the finished Flyknit product, creating a thin layer. Now, ACC is embedded into the yarns prior to knitting, eliminating the additional skin without compromising the performance benefit. The result is a matte finish on a texturized upper that is softer to the touch but can still battle the elements.

Traction is provided by precisely placed studs in the forefoot and heel. Nike’s designers got their inspiration from agile cheetahs and focused on traction at speed, leading to the minimalist approach they have affectionately referred to as the cheetah paw.

It’s been 20 years of Mercurial and the guys at Nike have given the latest Mercurial a clean aesthetic with a small forefoot Swoosh and a bold ?M? on the heel.
On the Mercurial Superfly 360, the Dynamic Fit Collar takes on a lower cuff, similar to the modified version Ronaldo has preferred in recent seasons. Both the Superfly and Vapor versions of Mercurial 360 feature a soft, one-piece internal lining, part of the effort to reduce the number of boot components.

2017 Nike Mercurial Flyknit Ultra Vapor: A New World
For 20 years, Nike designed Mercurial boots featuring experimental and game-changing innovations for the fastest players in the game ? football is the first sport to feature high-performance Nike Flyknit 360.

1998 Nike Mercurial: Soccer’s 1st Speed Boot
Initially known as Tiempo Ultra Light and the Ronaldo Ultra Speed, the first Nike Mercurial was engineered with Ronaldo de Lima’s startling velocity in mind.
The KNG-100 upper behaved like leather but didn’t absorb water the way natural fabrics did and was thinner and lighter than traditional leather ? shattering the stigma of synthetics and changing how football footwear was made. On it, a sticky coating sourced from the chassis of racing motorcycles offered ultimate ball control.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite Review

Pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, Nike have crafted an all-new generation of Nike Mercurial shoes including making major changes to the Vapor. The upper is now solely constructed from Flyknit… [ Read more… ]