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Concave Volt+

Venturing away from the big three brands always seems to be a tough ask for many soccer cleat shoppers. The allure of a new collar or new tech from the big brands always seems to draw more folks in. But overlooking some of the brands on the rise may cause you to miss out on some awesome boots so I put the Concave Volt+ through its paces over the past few weeks.


The Looks

Starting with the look of the boot, it looks like your standard speed boot. A sleek looking silo that stays low profile and has a low toe box. The Volt + is available in a few colors including the yellow and orange colorway that was launched today. The pair sent to me was a black and yellow upper that is more subtle than the sunset pair. The soleplate features a black main outsole with yellow accents and a white lightening bolt sign under the toe box. The concave logo is one the outside of the foot in white with volt accents. On the instep, the Volt+ logo and TechStitch branding are in white.

Concave Volt

The Fit

The fit and feel of the Volt+ were something that I did not initially think I would enjoy but I found myself comfortable and locked in during the entire testing period. The insole is a fully removable one that is fairly padded with perforations for more breathability. The upper is fairly flexible and is padded on the inside, however the real winner for me in comfort is that is a little more accommodating for wider feet than most speed boot options. Now it is not made for wide feet so if you have very wide feet, you should probably steer clear, but for someone with slighter wider than average feet, these were a nice surprise.

Concave Volt



In terms of performance and technology, the Volt+ has taken a big step forward. This is the first Concave boot that features a knitted upper. The TechStitch upper is impressive. It is padded enough that it gives some protection, but remains soft to the touch and becomes even softer once fully broken in. The upper is one of the best I have tested from a non-major brand and gives some hope that Concave will continue to improve their uppers and evolve with the times. The big thing Concave pushes is the concave PowerStrike technology. The hardened concave surface with ridges sits on and works with the lacing system to increase the contact you make with the ball when striking. The PowerStrike is something that can help players who struggle to find enough power on their strikes, but realistically, it is not something that most high-level players look for or need in a football boot. Even without that part of the tongue, the Volt+ is something I was consistently impressed by. The traction was better than expected with the oval shaped studs that very in size to help with comfort. There were never any issues with the comfort or blisters while wearing the Volt, so that is always a big plus for me for a cleat’s final verdict when I go boot shopping. The lacing system is a straightforward design that is found on most speed boots with the laces running right down the middle. The Volt performs like a high-end boot and would probably pass off as a bigger brand shoe if the logo was different. After a few weeks of testing I have yet to find any stress marks or wear and tear on the boot and that’s another big plus for me.

Concave Volt


Concave Players

Who is wearing the Volt+? The most recognizable name on the list is USMNT Left Back Damarcus Beasley. Beasley has been retired from club soccer for a few seasons but continues to occasionally play for the USMNT.


Final Thoughts and Rating

The Volt+ with its brand new TechStitch upper is retailing for $199.99, which seems about right where a boot like this should be. It performs like a high-end shoe and has a high performance and durable upper. While it is always tough to fork out that much cash, this is one that I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing.


Overall, this is a pleasant surprise from Concave. I always find myself rooting for some of the outside brands to push out some boots that blow me away and Concave have done just that. I would say while it is impressive, it still is not going to be something that will beat FlyKnit or Primeknit. It is a wonderfully constructed and durable boot that I would recommend to someone looking for something outside of the Nike, adidas, and Puma realm, but I still think there is work to be done to compete with other top end speed boots. This Volt is a great step in the right direction for Concave, I am excited to see what is next from the Concave Volt line in the future with this latest addition in technology.


Rating 3.5/5

3.5 / 5 stars     

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